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Grouchy Hates Art Thieves

Not only Grouchy Smurf hates whatever comes his path, but he also hates ART THEFT!

I've been meaning to do an anti-art theft submission for a while to give a point to art thieves who rip off others' work, stealing the actual work, or misusing the work for their own childish foreplay.

I have dealt with many art thieves and trolls misusing my icons that were commissioned, recolored or altered, or even selling them for real money.

I have said time after again, NEVER to use ANY of my works w/o my permission. Unless if it's a free icon, you are welcome to use it as your icon. As long as you credit me, do not edit my works, or use them anywhere else outside of deviantart.

I've also dealt with art thieves who like to steal other people's work. Not just mine. Especially from my friends who had their works stolen. You steal from them, you steal from me. And I don't appreciate theives in total DENIAL stealing from my friends.

So, if you have any problem with an obvious troll or an art theif, just think of this smurf who loaths everything.

I love this little pissed off smurf so much! :meow:

Grouchy Smurf © Smurfs/ Peyo
:star: Please, do not claim as your own, use it for profit (money wise), or use outside of dA. Do not edit or alter my work.
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I hate art thievery too, but I certainly love Grouchy, along with Hefty as well.

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Don't we all hate art thieves?
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Wow! Less the 1% of my work has been stolen.
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Me too, darling. Twink Blinking Icon 
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LOL! He is one of my fav smurfs! XD
pitufotontin's avatar
Grouchy is soo cute when he say i hate
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I hate art thieves myself, but I also hate OC copy-cats. And yes, I can hear Grouchy actually say that, considering that he hates everything else, with the exception of Baby of course. No one's made an attempt to steal any of my stories or profiles (thank goodness), but it's probably because I post warnings on my stuff saying that I don't tolerate thievery.
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I do the same thing you do. But nobody bothers to read it because they're too freakin' lazy.... >.<
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Oh. I always put my warnings in caps lock. Maybe that grabs their attention more.
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May I use this on my page? I hate art thieves too
Kiss-the-Iconist's avatar
YES! Of course! I would be honored!! :D
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Same here brotha :D
LittleMissSmurfette's avatar
I'm with you this time,Grouchy! :D
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