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Hi everyone!! My name is Ashli and welcome to my page! ♥

I've been on deviantArt way longer than I have.

As you can see I mostly do pixel art and icons!! I'm known for my name around here as the 'Iconist'. I do a little digital work but I'm not very skillful. That's why most of my lines I draw are pixelated, hehe. I work with MSPaint and edit most of my art and/or pixels in my Photoshop or Easy Gif Animator for animation.

I also take commissions if you would like to commission me for you very own customized icon or for anything you like. I also draw traditional. ^///^

Go check my gallery for all my works! You could also find me on other websites listed below! Until then...
Kisses from the Iconist!! ^ 3 ^ ~ ♥

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CURRENT BALANCE: 560 :points: WHOOHOO!!! :dummy:

My goal isn't much, but to help others if I wish to donate for something big in return.
And to renew my subscription every now and then.

Please donate now!

I'm sorry, but I do not take commissions for points.


Kisses! ^ 3 ^ ~ ♥

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Update: I'm Home

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 14, 2018, 11:53 AM

I have officially returned back home as of last Wednesday on the 3rd.

A lot of things have happened since I've been gone for 6 months. I honestly don't want to get into any details. I'm still in a bit in a rut but trying to manage as far as getting commissions in and whatever I can sell cause money is tight for my family.

Right now, I'm in Bridgeport again temporary. We still don't have much but, we're hoping at least before the end of the year, we'll move once more and get a car. At the moment, the only transportation we have is taking the public bus, and when I want to go back up to New Haven to see my boyfriend, another friend of mine who helped me come back can take me.

As for my other friend, the one who took me in.... I just can't. So much drama. At the moment I don't want to talk to them. I've already been hurt back at home early this year, I don't need more pressure put on me to the point where people don't want you around. And that's their fault. And I have done nothing wrong, they just don't understand and yet I'm told they talk behind my back when I believe it's the other way around. Meaning the person telling someone that others are talking smack about them when it's really them spreading drama. And it's enough.

I know I tend to complain about my problems, but what's that going to do? It'll get me nowhere. And there are reasons why I tend to be passive-aggressive when I can't trust no one who treat me terribly.

On top of it I'm worried about everything else thinking now that I'm back, the cycle will start all over.

I don't want to even bring up my sister.... I just can't take it anymore, I'm done. I'm not angry with her anymore. I've already been done with her after I cut her from social media and my life. Don't worry, she's not here. And my mom can't let her come back after what's happened. And that was the reason why I didn't really want to come back because of her.

However, I did miss my mother. She's doing ok. I actually had been helping her out with a bit of money the last few months before I returned. As long as I was able to gain some money drawing and selling, I was doing alright.

Everything just backfired with a lot of things while I stayed with my friend. To be honest, I felt more content when I went over to my boyfriend's. At least he's very respectful and knows what I've been through. At least I'll be seeing him next weekend. After I left, he cried.... I miss you too  sweetie! :heart:

Anyhow, we were going to get internet connection put in until we leave here, however.... there's no cable wire in this apartment. I hate it already. :lol: But the only connection we do have is from my cousin's account. Only problem is, it kicks you off now and then. So I may not be on my laptop that much unless I get more commissions in. But I am active on my phone through FB. I'm actually connected to my friend's WiFi who helped me out. At least until I finally get some phone service. Oh yeah, I still haven't been w/o phone service on my iPhone for almost a year now, haha! But I have been doing ok w/o it, but I still need it sometime soon, heh.

That's about it for now. I'm still opened for commissions if anyone can help me out and my mom. Just until things pull through. I don't want to say, but I'm hoping we'll get out of here much sooner before Christmas. And when we finally do, we're going someplace closer to where my boyfriend lives and my sister cannot know where we are. Just so we're safe. She claims she wants to get better, but next minute she don't wanna. So like I said, I'm done and don't want anything to do with her.

Oh yeah, once everything is all over.... I really need help in finding a job. I tried while I was away but I need professional help with my mom to get me somewhere where I can get hooked up where people like me on disability can look for work.  I don't think my mom will be looking for work anytime soon, but all I can say is, we'll be fine since she did apply for SSI for herself and may get it soon. That way things on my end with mine will be all set. But still gotta find a job.

Alright. That wraps it all up. Like I said, I am opened to commissions and will update as soon as I can. Might even do a limited time discount on my prices. It depends what I will be accepting to do until then.



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put some stuffs about urself right here c:
karaichi is a good ship tbh,,, like ichi hates kara but they'd be so cute together

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dxhvie / hoshiico

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