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My good friend, ConiSoni will be taking art commissions at a 20% discount, starting in December! :la: Get your chance and commission her for some cool art!! :D
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Remember the person who stole my Sailor Moon art over the summer? Well, turns out they have another account under @/TuanHung2003. And this time instead of my Sailor Moon art being reposted, it's my Smurfs art. My most recent commission really I did as a commission of this. They reposted the uncensored version I did in their gallery, covering her up, when THIS piece here is the censored version. >__>; Well, don't worry, I already reported the stolen drawing. Even though they gave me credit, I did not give them permission. And this is a commissioned drawing for a client, just like the drawings of Sailor Moon I did were paid for... And to be safe until I get my report from the admins/staff of DA through email, I blocked the user. Turns out they were following me and liking my Smurfs art in hopes to re-edit and repost... ugh... If you're following this person, please block them. And in the future if anyone else steals my art or if the same person returns with another account, they
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I have no money for the rest of this month due to some issues, but I am opened for art commissions if anyone is interested. I still have some things that need to be paid off and I need a bit of help if possible. Here is my commission menu with the prices provided plus some samples I can do. I also still take pixel commissions like I use to. Please if anyone is willing to help, contact me here or in the provided email in my menu!
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Please be careful of this guy, he's been editing people's art without permission and now he got someone else to do it for him instead:

Responsible my ass

Thanks. Still trying to get one drawing of mine that was posted without my permission taken down since they reedited it. I did report it but I'm still waiting on staff to have it removed. I did block the thief though.

Please spread this to others so that many will know about his infamy of lying and editing artwork without permission for three years.

Thanks for the llama!

53 :hug:

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Also, thanks for the badge!

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