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April 6, 2021
The shadow of life by KISMUKI
Featured by Ellysiumn
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The shadow of life


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Really nice, thank you for sharing :D

KISMUKI's avatar
Kimberly-SC's avatar

This picture looks awesome! I love the colors, they look so warm yet the picture has a feeling of being lost and left behind. (You depicted it perfectly!)

KISMUKI's avatar

Thank you very much:)

Yes the picture is about the heat, but not in a good way, so I tried to make it clear that people don't want to sunbathe: D

Kimberly-SC's avatar

You are very welcome :D

You have made a good job in depicting it then XD Too much sunbathing isn't good for your skin...I understand these people XD (Major PTSD from being for like 6 hours in the midday sun in Egypt...without sun protection. I couldn't sit like a normal human for days XD)

KISMUKI's avatar

After all, that’s what the picture is about ... not necessarily about UV radiation, but rather about dehydration.

Sometimes in reality it happens similarly :)

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Congrats on DD awesome! :D

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Theeartistkid's avatar

Congrats on the dd!

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Megtaláltam! :D Gratula! :clap:

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kimtieu1995's avatar

Awesome. Could be a scene from Frank Herbert’s Dune.

KISMUKI's avatar

Yes, it could be, only these are not warriors but dying: D But the environment is similar.

jasminira's avatar

My congratulations ! cool work 👍🏻👍🏻

KISMUKI's avatar

Thank you very much:) I was hoping to be DD again, but I didn’t think with this picture :)

KISMUKI's avatar

This is an interesting link: D But if you want to share, let it be ....

KISMUKI's avatar

I will be honest, I am very far from all kinds of social media :(like facebook, twitter, instagram ... etc. I also have max 5 friends here: D I'm sorry

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What is this cleverness: D?

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