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Lucifer's Angel - Red

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Behind those eyes lies the truth and grief...
Behind those beautiful smiles I've seen tragedy...
The flawless skin hides the secrets within...
Silent forces that secretly ignite your sins.

Fly away, fly away
From the torch of blame
They hunt you,
Lucifer's Angel.
Never lived, never died
Your life has been denied
They call you,
Lucifer's Angel.

Beyond these clouds you can hide all your tears,
Beyond this world you'll be safe from their wicked fears,
And in their hearts they fear your demands,
You know their minds won't accept you, they'll never understand...

On your own - I know you can make it.
Truth or bone - I know you can shake it.
Survive alone - know you can take it.

Lucifer's Angel - The Rasmus

I couldn't decide which version of this I liked better lol. It took a couple hours and way too many background changes x.x

This is Mordred, formerly known as Drakon. He's wearing his father's skull and celebrating his victory over said father. He's going to be a worse terror than his sire, which is a pity because he's only doing it as he was ostracized by everyone for being the son of the 'evil alpha'. He just wanted some lovin' ;3; Well, now he's hellbent on proving to everyone he doesn't need love and that they royally fucked up for being cruel to him for no reason. >D

I went all into detail on the color change, markings and wounds, only to cover it up with the fire, skull and cloak. -headdesk- You also can't see it, but he's wearing a thick silver collar, all regal-like. His right eye is that color because he was blinded during the fight. The wound is covered.

Painting the cloak was surprisingly easy, though I'm not too satisfied with it. As a whole, I kinda like this, yet I kinda don't. Oh well, I see a future re-do lol.

Background: from ~venomxbaby
Dog: from=copperyn
Fire:… from ~manaphoto-stock… from ~Mar-jus… from ~Lennarish… from ~Zuziza
Wood:… from ~Orangen-Stock
Embers: from `FantasyStock
Smoke:… *ISOStock… from *ISOStock… from *ISOStock… from ~Melyssah6-Stock
Skull: from ~rgstock777
Bones: from =zememz

EDIT: Added bones :3

What do you guys think, keep this as is or take off the cloak? I'm undecided thus far. :|
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Tnx for using my stock, awesome pic!