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from today until the 17th of this month, there's free shipping on all my prints at Society6

check it out!!
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rawr ‎("\(.:.:.)/")
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once again, i find myself getting caught up with the busy days of life...things have been pretty hectic, but in a good way :)
hopefully i can post some finished work soon!
ive got tons of treats ive been working on...
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recently i was connected with Mike Maxwell, a local artist in my area to paint a 8ftx20ft wall.
i didnt know until i got there on day 8, that this was a 10 day project- local collective of artists- all with like minded imaginations...AND it was all being timelapsed.
"to spend the day collaborating with whatever creativity surrounds you- and to make it amazing".
made a ton of new friends, and got to see some old ones as well!

and here it is- day 8 of the museum of contemporary arts- TNT- Mike Maxwell production:

and if youre in san diego- the premiere of this is going to be held at the museum of contemporary arts from 7pm-10pm thursday- august 12th 2010

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this is quite unfortunate but EXTREMELY important to pass along as the "dark side" of the art galaxy. im sure this situation has not only happened to myself, but to many amazing fellow artists who dont clearly see the value in something they so passionately love doing.

*you create a perspective of something beautiful. and those who devote the time, patience, and discipline to master this individually should receive the same respects and value of the person or persons requesting your creative perspective. never devalue what you devote your life to. and always support eachothers creativity.
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My friend ivan reminded me about this blog today...cant believe its already been a year from then and how much has been accomplished since!
This is by my friend Chris Keeney: for whom took a great amount of patience and understanding to learn about our world of art. With his phenomenal talent for photography, and great sense of humor educating himself on our music as well- he got to take a look into an aerosol artists world, and we got to learn about his inspirational perspectives!

featured blog…
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from the inside-looking out

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 11, 2010, 5:32 AM
ever since i could hold a crayon ive created a world around me. a life of experiences that have either seeded a neverland that would grow into a world, or become a dark group of horsemen to reign apocalypse upon my mind...with the creation of beauty, there is always a nightmare.

ive always believed if you shut your mouth, open your eyes and ears and can learn so much more. but with this observance hailed reality on my neverland, like tokyo attracting giant pyromaniac reptiles. looking out into this world- it simply made me learn much more about people and things around me then i truely wanted to know:...

when, in our conscious minds do we realize that our actions affect the people around us?

where in those actions do we initiate communication with those people we've affected?

how is it that we ignore the importance communicating our actions to the "closest" people around us?


why instead of responding to something of importance, do we act as if those people were not important at all?

i realize this follows the great quote: "actions speak louder then words"- which has held far more true then any others ive known- but theres more to it then just that..
we happen to be a species prized for our communication abilities. And our actions have proven us the most intelligent and superior of all other species. we've displayed this by something we like to call "civilization" kids.

i dont pride myself at communication and have continuesly compared my verbal skills to the graces of a bull in a china shop. (i prefer the mute route) But when i see it fit, and of extreme importance to me, i try my damnest to put these pictures my brain labels as thoughts into words...even if it takes me days/weeks sometimes, riddled with horrible grammar, i'd devote the last bit of my time and effort into it.

if we are incapable of utilizing this great skill we've "evolved" over the centuries and base everything solely off of action, we may as well d-evolutionize ourselves. without words, actions are just the true intent behind the sound. and without both action or sound, observance is obsolete and communication of SOME sort is key.

understanding, and comprehension...its what keeps humans evolving and confusion away.

its all a repetitive cycle anyhow...and im tired of thinking about it.

you choose, i give up.

....just some thoughts.

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
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Posted early to celebrate 5000 page views

My first time lapse video with sketching. Sorry if it's sloppy (unorganized) an not very digi-savy; ive got a pc...not a mac.
plus, i never been to art school...tried to, but they kicked me out before i could start :confused:

so this is what you get- a time lapse video from some crazy "shut out" kid who went from sidewalk chalk, to crayons, to pens and pecils all in a lifetime filled with cartoon violence, ingenious comic book stories, and a gully full of inspiring street folk. :clap:

(i'd clap....but i wanna go to bed :sleep: )

Street style character sketch broken down into 4 parts.

part 1-…

part 2-…

part 3-…

part 4-…

(i'd apologize 4 the paint covered hands, but then i'd feel like an idiot in doing so :O_o:...<---not a pretty girlie girl)


1 blue prismacolor colored pencil

1 .05 mech pencil

2 micron ink pens ( .25, .30 )

1 blue prismacolor marker

**in this time lapse i wanted to display how 3 mediums work together; colored pencil, pencil, and ink. constantly going back between all 3 throughout the entire piece.
typically, when you ink you go over certain parts more then once. usually those are the outter lines to accentuate shape, balance and contrast.
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Creepin closer an closer to 5000 page views! :wow:
(took me years to achieve it :threaten:, an imma gonna celebrate!:strip:)

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time look through my gallery and given such positive feedback! I really do appreciate all of the support! :dalove:

Got A LOT comin up this year, an supa excited bout all of it!!

Gonna be invading some exotic countries, breaking into Comic Con San Diego 007 style an secretly implanting some stickers and many other mischievous adventures!

Also gonna be workin on some time-lapse sketch videos in between projects, an keepin things updated here!

In the meantime,… :la:
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A Treehouse Ink and Kleenhouse Production brings you:
TAWL- Lords Crew ~ Treehouse ink
KidBoom- Pro crayon eater ~ Kleenhouse
Undisputed Gym in Downtown San Diego
music by: Wasted Chicago Youth ( Justin Long & Mazi Namvar )
tracks available @ beatport:…

"Buy the ticket, Take the ride" Hunter S. Thompson
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I have the social graces of a bull in a china shop! da ballz of a 2 yr old when it comes to matters of сердце...потеряно, негоже, an i should just stick to bein a introvert x.X
the end
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i know i havent been on this site for a minute, but after posting all da updated work and seeing peeps responses...*turning red* all i can really say is wow, thanks! I really appreciate all of your comments, responses, thumbs up, fav adds and watches! <3 i feel tons better about doing art everyday, where before i'd had doubts. Thank you thank you thank you everyone who took the time to enjoy the visions i enjoyed so much in creating!!!
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This year, Im spending every waking hour doing art....very literally. Its difficult to keep in contact with people I enjoy conversing with, however keeping my mind busy as well as focusing on art 110% is a promise I made to myself long ago, that i finally get a chance to follow through with. I spend more time updating my myspace profile with my art then this site. Mainly because its easier for me...also, I network more efficiently there. If you'd like to see what Ive been up to, feel free to visit my "space" @
I know...its "myspace". and I completely understand why some people refuse to engulf themselves in a virtual highschool mentality, but it works great for networking, and is far more easily accessible from my mobile web then this site.
I hope everyones year inspires some creative motivation, art unites and overthrows any possibility of recession.
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Something appeared 2 months ago that opened up creative doors in me...
Some kind of strange mojo, intergalactic connection of cartooon worlds o_0
if that makes any sense at all...
any which way, this has been such a refreshing bit of time that has slowly made me see peace in many aspects of myself that i hadn't observed in a while... *sighs*
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"what's in a background?...a background by any other name would still be a background..."
:pills: ugh! I know I need to focus on background...but can't I just hire someone to do it for me?... :work:
you know what I see when I look at some of my art right now...( I apologize for the graphic nature of this beforehand ) :stupid:
hmmm, this calls for a hermitting.  :meditation:
maybe I'll watch some news  :sarcasticclap:
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I just have to say that I love that music button at the top right hand corner of the writting area...random

oh, and Im a strong believer that music inspires so much...
:music: :tunes: :music:
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So, I've recently noticed how difficult it is to get back on track again with my art...making friends with my art pad again is a very hard thing to do. I mean, I can see things from its point of view..."I only get to see you once a week now..." or "You don't bring me flowers anymore"... :disbelief:
However, this year hasn't been the 'greatest'.
I want to find an empty cave, and lock myself away in it for a very long time. Just me and my art pad...we have some catching up to do.

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