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By kishui
Who doesn't like TYPOGRAPHY ?? ^^
I do :heart: so i did this news :]
Hope you gonna like it too ;**

Typoholics Stamp by typoholics Font stamp by vcfgr
Stamp 'I love typography' by TheDrake92 In Love With Typography Stamp by spicone



if you love TYPOGRAPHY than JOIN them ^^

(definition of typography is from wikipedia).

Typography - is the art and technique of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs. Type glyphs are created and modified using a variety of illustration techniques. The arrangement of type involves the selection of typefaces, point size, line length, leading (line spacing), adjusting the spaces between groups of letters (tracking) and adjusting the space between pairs of letters (kerning).

Typography is performed by typesetters, compositors, typographers, graphic designers, art directors, comic book artists, graffiti artists, and clerical workers. Until the Digital Age, typography was a specialized occupation. Digitization opened up typography to new generations of visual designers and lay users.

and now... FEATURES <3 :

:thumb85717514: You Are Only Human by crymz fun weekend by razangraphics Do Something Productive by DrewDahlman
Don't Panic. by pica-ae haters by lewydawgg reminders by fiveless:thumb149557936:
profoundly. by unconscious54:thumb61026191: Dybspread by Excosoldier the Key by M0RFGFX
:thumb116870396: This Artwork... by AagaardDS:thumb148778498: Mean to Me. by fIRSTdESCENT
fake by sufined Upside Down Frown by 3rror404 Tonight by vedoo Words by Askapart
- life is full of details - by LPORTAL disease by sufined Industrial breakdown by Sonicbeanz Catch me if U can by demidz92
This is your life by carliekid - s e x m o t i o n - by LPORTAL Dance in the Rain by arhcamt Superstars by vedoo
Never Never by vedoo Let's Make Some Art by vedoo idea is by 32-D3519N I'm Dancing by Der-Alter-Mann
Vegetius by AppleTan Common Sense: Shut Up by Adila Robbie William's Feel by AppleTan you_me by sufined
Be Creative 2 by no-preview:thumb145705795: Power of Your Praise by cgitech Good Man by sufined
Typography by e-emoo Summer Time by NS-1 hidden thoughts by Mada-Goblin
Inner Beauty Shines by LineBirgitte Procrastinator's wallpaper by anveshdunna Toxic addiction by helder
What Freedom Means by caranette Happy.Exams by anveshdunna Inspire wallpaper by firetongue8
Motivation : Stay Happy by Adila Christmas Love by black-anar stuff i need by uchopo
Happiness 01 by Adila The fun side of life by FaMz My hand by xoja
:thumb146483400: something is missing by sufined There's Probably No God by xoja
Always Greener... by pica-ae Hello, my Name is... by pica-ae :hug: by mushir 21.12.09 by tistwas
Typoholic 01 by Adila Might Be Love by Ali704 LOVE IS by shebid
The Respect Issue by shebid:thumb109578729::thumb93559490: TYPE FACTORY_1 by kirakeerah
:thumb147880809: LoveSick by Msch Do dO DO Doo dOO by BiGds
Razorblade by PatrickRuegheimer:thumb148179931::thumb138633265:
Arabic Typography II by Qa9ed2000 i hate rain by VinSainT:thumb64966845:
Dreamer by hexdeflective keep_hoping by gargoyl3 HE looks at your HEART by il6amo7a-Q8
The Only Time... by nocturnal-schism The suicide note. by eacreations:thumb94797726: Love me by daskull
:thumb101186408: Eat McD Fat by anjanimiranti In Space No-one Can.... by Garfcore:thumb120309272:
:thumb147899846::thumb146969665: RockStar. by crymz fool by Teakster
:thumb148674787::thumb148642661: Type by Shinybinary classicalGUITAR by DrZapp
Life type by Shinybinary ROCK bands logo by Waterboy1992 King of Pop Michael Jackson by D3STRUCTO
girl and baloons by cooldesignvn desire by DrZapp typography_rainbow_colors by Torsten85
prime by vezeta:thumb83676583: typography_hate_is_baggage by Torsten85 ::timewatching:: by alfone
Wet Paint by StrangeProgram Digital Art by area105 Sugar and Spice by shebid
i Love Art by degodson:thumb143565482: ROY G. BIV by skryingbreath ::treeland:: by alfone
Live On The Edge by crymz I love you... by cellardoor13 Earth DAY 22 April by Man-i:thumb149770085:
Be Creative Typography by kr3wsk8er2811 Yoshi Collage by xxChrispy I Will Possess Your Heart by WarOfLandAndSea So what should we do? by skryingbreath:thumb90230463:
Imagine by blissart freedomisart by NajlaQamber iraq...untitled by 3limalik
its a superman thing by eugeniaclara Ornate by gomedia Full of Love by hexdeflective Live your life by MDesignN
Typography by gwenbarrow Musings by blissart:thumb116750329:
Fight Club: Literary Merit by EndertheThird toDREAMofthePERSONyouWISHtobe by ChewedKandi:thumb140771294:
Typo Sample by Dalash:thumb74686026: Fireflies - Owl City by baloneyart Syndrome by mathiole
eat my dreams by imadawwas:thumb100368732: Crush by meresoftwilight Real bag of Shake typography by gomedia
ihadfun by GreatNemo Imagine by shadowfax913:thumb110800126: Typography Exercise 1: Futura by dadomz
oO MUSIC Oo by Tamachan87 10 - Urban by BrokeNL Love sucks by SearchingSpace
Substance in Silence by shebid Love by SintK
:thumb114108260::thumb98396783: Do We Really Love it? by anjanimiranti
Words by Catrin47 All you need is Love. by ameliacarys ART by DrZapp
LOVE by crymz Why by TLBMooncheeze Under The Table by DrewDahlman:thumb103717096:
Numeral Experiment by Anton29 Creativity by T1M3B0MB Love 2 by spankmunky Faith. by SC-3
Tabloids by daveycoleman typo by feartox D.A.M.W.I.D by eugeniaclara nbgs prfct,, by bogielicious
keep calm and carry on alt by s-rae Live On Edge 3-D 'W-I-P' by crymz:thumb118994945: Christmas Typography by ohmypiegeeness
:thumb111717504::thumb110407699: The Summit of our Desire by BrokeNL Candy Talks to Strangers by djsupes
:thumb117638584: Magic Mushrooms by PatternWar Green Peace Typography by arthas13
:thumb77933969: infatuation by tomatokisses Beauty of Simplicity by kapurito happy up here by blank3dee
:thumb139917932: Beer Quote by JordanP23:thumb114107313:

Mature Content

i love typography vi by galeya
The Dream Is Gone by 013RaptorWith A Microphone by EmikoTheVixen:thumb97398648:
:thumb148640859:Happiness Quote by cho-okaDo you love me? by xXAli-StarXx
K by alienbiruJohn 11:1-16, 38-45 by egnawg:thumb86101986:HaPpy EiD by lifeshadows
You CANNOT Be Serious by pica-ae:thumb149639224:ROYGBIV by Draciel56:thumb112160889:
I LOVE U 2 . by SeaStyle:thumb113362933::thumb96309780:
Motivation: Enjoy by Adila:thumb138941122:Delineation by SC-3
Rain by OtherCubedone love typographic by B-RootsSAVE by dancing-dollSimple Its Fun by CALLit-ringo
:thumb135198372::thumb147174365:Amor by NEARsyxSorry by imrui
:thumb97490204:Music is love by Ignoringu:thumb133684271:Love by ghameth
Greengreengreen by Delt4Adore by gwenbarrowstay in the game by fivelessS U P E R M A S S I V E by benjaminbartling
I Just Knew It. by rememo08beer mug by senses-failedWho's got the Love II by kho13
:thumb101528251:please dont hurt me... by kloxsickI love the 90s by baloneyart
John Lennon Typographic by MrConkerWhy by HeDzZaTiOnPaper mache by kho13
Artwork Design by Eagle806thank you for the... by fiveless:thumb104776722:
Must Not Sleep by mindstateproductions:thumb147869430:25.11.09 by tistwas17.11.09 by tistwas
:: war of art :: by alfoneLife Passes Most People By by dreamt-too-lateGet What You Want by SaibzCritical Acclaim by FD-Collateral
type experiment by mpk2Where it Ends by mister-d2:thumb116399143::thumb149591589:Love shows by velocity3
The Taste of Life by jandarrenModern Plain by greengo26Engulfed by Hexium86:thumb134804757:v
:thumb90283239:NUMEROBOTS FONT by luengoI Melted the Rainbow by Dream-Factory
To Love. by sharsharHere Comes The Boom Typo by ruudvaneijklove is. by t-writes-poems
Happy Birthday by dasbanniForest Dump... by saChicalsOr Die by mumumu255If Love's a word... by ableslayer
:thumb101690426:Bian Bian by bianmisplacedJust need believe by emi-ChenFalling out of Love by collideral
Identity by cjbeeHappiness: Butterfly by darylferil:thumb140345178:
:thumb140219833:C h o c o l a t e by jkcustomsreading is overrated by 7grims
PMS by db80716nature by singpentinkhappyTypography Prompt: Love by bella-elizabettaCuadratus by x-MAU-X
:thumb114700426:what is it you can't face? by gingernutzi believe by omikron1989
it's where you take them to by ignitepjpE V O N E by melandollic:thumb139289956:Feed me I by dioxyde
bloom by FuRyLioNTweet Your Life Out by Creamaniapower of love by mattzeri90
sans z by chocolettecakeUnited we stand by mathiole:thumb147398887:

please visit my gallery :
click click -> <A  HREF="kishui.deviantart.com/gallery/">kishui <3</A> <- click click ;D

hugs & kisses,
Paula ;***
© 2010 - 2021 kishui
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Very nice collection, tried to make something like this the other day too [link]
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hey all..this is awesome...
check out mine [link]

who knows i can be one of 'em lol *i wish :))
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This fantastic news article has been included in Typographysical Appearance, a news article submitted on behalf of #Digiversity. If you have time, stop by, it's a very diverse compilation and I'm sure you'd find something to suit your taste. :aww:
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Wonderful! =]
Thank you so much!

Oh my avatar =.="
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Awesome collection dude........ cheers
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