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WHO don't like those cute little stars ?? <3
I just L O V E them <3 ^^ and how about you ? ^^

Heart Full of Stars by silverbeam Rainbow Stars by heart-princess Stars II by Athysette
:thumb135162806: stars in all colors by DaFraKo Stars by Starsnaru:thumb129179492:
You're not a paper star by Alephunky spectrum of stars. by Camiloo Party Stars by Alephunky
Paper Stars by DaFraKo Paper stars by Photogenic5:thumb90501600: Thousand Sugared Stars by AyumiNazu
in my blood. by Camiloo:thumb135398234: Paper love by lilski
Paper stars 2 by Kit-Kat-Paddy-Wack Origami Stars by Zhoira
:thumb98023272: Spilt stars by isshon-ni:thumb136918821:
Diversity is awesome. by Camiloo origami stars by billihugs:thumb34050628:
Rainbow.Paper.Stars.Two. by odetobam
wish upon a rainbow- starburst by Lucky-Cricket-33 Thanks friends by eternitylove Stars. by darkstarlight
:thumb129660890: origami by taliajazel:thumb129729441: Paper Stars by DarkFaerieseye
:thumb98666760: walking for the dream by Kazeki-chan dancing with the star. by Camiloo
Put another star by Tikiwik pretty sky. by vitzy Mr. Star's fuzzy imagination by Camiloo:thumb109533805:
:thumb136545661::thumb126487933: little pink star by french-mermaid Star Factory by neon-lilith
Rainbow Stars. by shrimpies4life i keep them in a jar. by Camiloo rainbowstars. by Camiloo
Paperstars by hykari Paperstars in a bottle by bottle-of-stuff Color cyrcle by bottle-of-stuff
:thumb136770138::thumb79000627: little stars by catastrophical
l u c k y y , by shuunenbukai Stars by Psyche-soul Rainbow by luvbubbles
We Are Everywhere by Photosophere Wish upon a star by KiwiKassa Star Love or Love Star by Padingdong
stardust 3 by CruzayRaza wishes by lisz:thumb27527554:
Little Rainbow Star by TamielJones:thumb106433295: Standing Out by mzteeriouz
Painting Rainbows by awmg:thumb123216379: Paper Stars by fearsmeltaway
Day 50 by sew340 stars by Zala24 shooting heart by fdys
Sweet words by catarinamzfernandes Twinkle Twinkle Little Rainbow by iluvzelgadis Rainbow Stars by jennyoon777
Eros: Making Stars by Yeonie:thumb129075873: Stars by Fille-de-Stratospher Keroppi and STARS +_________+ by iVegeta
:thumb121587598: Stars by xneonpaintbuckets:thumb129041849:
A Bowl full of stars by DaFraKo paper star individuality by deathbyfudge:thumb132548981:
Catch a shooting star. by Camiloo hand-made presents by toujours-petite Paper and Plastic Supernovas by imjoey
:thumb76239271: glitter stars by billihugs Hero Worship by jdrainville


love spoon by kishui Porque Te Vas by kishui today and... vol.2 by kishui
:thumb137430990: eye NEED u by kishui find a way by kishui
:thumb135855100: too late ... by kishui:thumb112780937:

love you guys <333
take care,
Paula ;*
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this is a really cool feature (:
can anyone direct me to the tutorial they use to make them?
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thank you so much & sorry for the late reply :*

yes , i can give you a tut for this cute stars ^^
here you go -> [link] but it's hard to do O.O
or i just can't do this so good :faint: .
coffeeXcreamXsugar's avatar
that's okay!
thank you thank you!
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YouAreMostWelcome,Dear :blowkiss: .
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Thank you for the feature! =]
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you welcome <3
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Sweet, I didn't know about this paper star trend until 15 minutes ago. I'mma gonna make some now. x3
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aww thank you <33333
and show me the effect of your hard work ^^
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No problems at all ~ :heart:
Heehee, I will as soon as I'm finished. :3
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Yay, I know how to make them. C: As soon as I'm allowed to stuff my Sim-Card into the computer I'll note you. ^^
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ok ok :D
i'll wait ^^
i don't know how to made them :(
i can't learn it :cries: !
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Yay, I'm uploading them as I type! :D
Awwww D: Maybe you should try Google'ing it and looking for a Tutorial with pictures. 'Cuz I know some people are very visual. ^-^
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i saw the tutorials here on da but...
i still can't do it :(
Cool thanks for featuring my photo :D
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I like the stars they are rly kwl
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no problem it's rly kwl
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