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I am completely floored by the sudden influx of new people and comments on my Nouveau series :D
A great big shoutout thanks to ThinkGeek (i love that site. I want EVERYTHING on it), The Mary Sue (geek girls!), and even the Cheezburger for bringing people here :D WELCOME!


Thanks to popular demand and finally getting my rear in gear, I was able to set up a store at Society6 for prints, shirts, totes and other various awesome things. This is an amazing thing for me, especially with the christmas season coming on (and my own little babby geek on the way) and will be an ENORMOUS help to us. So if you're interested (yay!) please do check it out!

Also, as for my Nouveau series, if there was a character you loved in the 80's and 90's movies that has not been included, fear not. I have a nice growing list of more that I plan to do. The series is not complete, and I will be adding more as I finish them :D

Thankyou thankyou THANKYOU to everyone! The love has been humbling and so very, very wonderful to see. <3 You are all amazing.
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Despite the fact that I hadn't been around here in a VERY long time, i've randomly decided to saddle back and start posting again X)
nammuch in the way of anything truly interesting, but i'm amusing myself, and that's really what counts.

Anywho, tryin out this snazzy journal jazz. uninteresting subject matter within.

Humorously Annoyed

Recently gotten into a couple new fandoms, including Fullmetal Alchemist and Supernatural. Still kinda stalled on the original stuff, but at this point, I'll take whatever inspiration I can get to keep drawing.

What makes me truly happy tho, is that I'm actually finishing things, including comics (omgYAY!)

Otherwise, not much going on. Surviving, and just letting everyone know I'm still alive X) NAOUNOGAIZ.

Random Stuff I Kinda Like

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