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Thumbelina Nouveau

Thumbelina, from movie of same name :)

I was torn between making her much smaller in the frame and letting her fill it, but that would defeat the focus, so i just gave her a GIANT FRIGGEN FLOWER to stand on and show size, lol.
I can't take the fairy prince seriously, but what can you do...fairy. prince.

Another soundtrack stuck in the head. So far, pretty much everyone of these has also been musicals...not sure why.

100% illustrator - referenced pose
(c)Don Bluth, Hans Christian Andersen
print available here!
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Ahhh, another guilty pleasure from my childhood! <3 I love this!

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Ooooh I like how there are a few pairs of familiar wings up in those windows! 
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And where is the sparrow? <.< Beautiful rendition!
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i included him :3 he's just not obvious.
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Spotted him after I sent the message.  Love the sparrow!
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Cute. You should check out my gallery. I've drawn her as well. There is also a collection of the other Don Bluth princesses together. :)
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This is beautiful. All of these are. I just have a question: Are you going to make one of Kayley?
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I have come in contact with a limited number of people who even know of this movies existence....Seeing it here, gives me hope that I will soon find others....This is so awesome!
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I LOVE this movie! Definite childhood favorite that I actually watched the other day! Love this art nouveau series on these childhood favorites - All of them are favorites of mine too - well except for Legend.. I didnt watch that movie when I was young and when a friend suggested to watch it now it was like watching something on acid. Not my favorite haha. Anyways - fantastic work. Love them!
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You should check out my baby version of her .. :)
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XD yes that is one big flower <3 shoulda made it the rose from the start of the movie, that was such a gorgeous flower *o*
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The forget me nots! :love:
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