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Sorsha Nouveau

Sorsha, from the movie Willow :)

This took way too long to finish, but in my defense, finding references was a paaaaaaain for her. most of the screenshots are fuzzy, if there were any at all, and i was limited for detailed armor.

At the same time, I had to include her, because despite going through most of the movie as an antagonist before switching sides, she remained badass the whole way. even when her dick of a mom turned her into a pig. a badass pig.

and that sword, omg. OUCH.

i adored this movie as a child, and continue to as an adult. also, if you watch this movie at least once and not recall the name of Val Kilmer's character? you had the movie on mute. cause it gets screamed forever.

100% Illustrator - referenced pose
(c)George Lucas, Ron Howard
print available here!
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I worship you Sorsha, I lve you Sosha =P
I just realized that sword is going to hurt a WHOLE lot coming back out again. That was one of the great artistic details in the film, though. Each sword was totally unique to its character. I mean, they did stuff similar to that in LOTR, but not to the level of distinction.
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This is great!

I've always loved this movie and Sorsha was a big reason why. She's awesome. And I love this style!

Really epic job!

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She reminds me of Merida from Brave because of her hair.
I really, really like this whole series (and i love this one in particular!), EXCEPT that the font you're using -- Boecklin -- isn't particularly pretty or authentic; it's like a generic "Art Nouveau-ish" font, rather than anything particularly nice.

Compare the lettering here, for example; it's still ... roundish and swashy, but less so:…

Some fonts I'd recommend for these that are free:

Edda Caps:…
Isadora Caps:…
Sarah Caps:…
Ambrosia Caps:…

Please, please, please do NOT take this as criticism of your work -- these illos are beautiful! But I'm a historical typography geek, so i thought i'd offer you some suggestions to make the actual lettering more accurate and lovely!
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thankyou for the links! truth be told, i have all of these fonts and decided that i liked the look of that particular font for this project. i can tell that you're a big fan of fonts and aesthetics, and i'm not offended at all. to each their own opinion ^_^ i actually hope others who like nouveau click on those font links and use them, as this is very good advice.
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I love your tarot series and am so happy you added Sorsha to it. Thanks for sharing!
The Art Nouveau style is so perfect for Tarot cards.  This Art Nouveau rendering of Sorsha belongs in a set of Trump cards in Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber.
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OMG!!!! This made my day!!! I love this movie, at first im like, wait, no way! its Sorsha!!!! Holy crap, there is Val Kilmer before he got fat! YES!!!!!
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Wow ! This is the first time I saw some one else likes this movie ! Willow rocks !
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Awesome job! I love Sorsha in Willow.
THANK YOU! I'm so glad I finally found good Willow art, I honestly thought there'd be more!
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One of the best movies ever!
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The fact you've Nouveaued several of my favorite movies of my youth makes me giddy for lots of reasons! I adored Willow! I loved Sorsha and Madmartigan immensely! <3 This is just gorgeous!
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And even this art of her is totally badass !
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OH MY SWEET LORD JESUS! You are the best! BEST! <3 <3
I love Sorsha! I love pretty much this whole collection. I hope you sell prints or t-shirts one day :D
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Thankyou! I'm actually selling prints and shirts now :D
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That is one of my FAVORITE movies! I love Sorsha!!! Do you have any work with her helmet on?
kishokahime's avatar
Thankyou so much! I debated on having her hold or even wear the helmet, but all that red hair was too good to cover up X)
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<.< I know what you mean! <3 I just watched Willow again last night. Lol ^_~
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I always loved this movie! Great Art Novue style, amazing you did it all in Illustrator!
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This is magnificent. All of your nouveau work is. But I have a special place in my heart for Sorsha...I agree with every word of your artist's comment :)
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