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Malta Nouveau

Malta, from Sea Prince and the Fire Child.

This one is probably so obscure that not many have seen it, but it was one of my favorite movies as a child. A romeo and juliet story between water and fire ♥

If you haven't seen it, its quite old and with all the silly awesomeness that oldschool anime used to have (this was produced by Sanrio, go fig). At this point, I love the nostalgia more than anything else, but it still holds a special place and i'll gladly rewatch it when I can.

100% Illustrator - referenced pose
(c) Sanrio, Masami Hata
print available here!
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I just saw his movie the other day. I liked it a lot. But the ending made no sence
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I, too, loved the movie "Sea Prince and the Fire Child" when I was younger. Anyone who liked it should also see "A Journey Through Fairyland." It's very similar in style, but more like fantasia with music and flower fairies. Just as beautiful.
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Beautiful artwork
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I loved this movie as a child. I could never remember the name of it and nobody knew what I was talking about when I tried to describe it. 
A-Written-Allure's avatar**king GOD!! I have been wondering what this movie was called for AGES! THANK YOU!! I remember watching this as a kid at my godparent's place and forget what it was called and I then found this while looking up the original source for the Sorsha picture. You're amazing and I will be purchasing some prints soon! In the meantime I will be looking for that movie to watch. :)
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Me too that’s the reason why I haven’t been able to see this movie until the other day becuas3 I’ve never been able to remember the name of the film
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Considering I loved every single one of the other movies in this series so far, I must see this now. You have great taste, and beautiful art and style. <3
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Oh my gosh, there's fanart of this movie. You are my hero.
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Oh wow, this brings back memories. Loved this movie as a kid, it ALWAYS depressed me though. But beautiful and haunting, even with the added cheese that comes through now. Beautiful piece.
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I love Malta!!! This is so well done!
This was one of my favorites as well. Here's a link to the movie on youtube if you want to watch it. [link]
A-Written-Allure's avatar
AHHH!! Thank you for the link! XD
No problem! Watched it again just recently when I found the link. LOVED this as a child, and was still just as good now that I'm grown. So sad.
A-Written-Allure's avatar
That's for sure. I found a copy of the dvd on ebay and promptly bought it, heh. :)
Wow... I had completely forgotten about this, and as soon as I saw your art, all the sound effects came rushing into my head! So beautiful. Thank you for reminding me about this movie.
One of my favorite movies growing up, this and the Unico movies were my first animes ever, and I still watch them all from time to time. Very nice work :)
GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! My childhood remembered! Thank you so much!
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i LOOOVEEED this movie as a kid! i still have it on vhs somewhere!

such a wonderful movie!
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Wow, someone else who saw and remembers this movie!
Yeah, I have a soft spot myself for this old movie. Glad to see this!
this just mad me so happy! I love this movie!
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I actually love that film! Saw it when I was younger on VHS.
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Ooooh, very nice!
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I think you can find this on youtube! it was so awesome. I love this!
EbonyKain's avatar
holy smuckers I was just telling someone about this movie. HA!
And I love this image by the way.
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