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Lydia Nouveau

Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice!
Just in time for Halloween, too :) score.

This movie, I can't even. It will always be hilarious and disgusting, quotable and fun. (and it lead to one of my favorite tv shows as kid. WHY U NO HAV ON DVD)
All of the characters are fabulous, and I really REALLY wish Tim Burton still made movies like this today.

Went for the red wedding dress on Lydia, because why not? That wedding was hilarious. Also, I will never not love sandworms, bio-exorcists and dangerous art.

daylight comin, me wan' go home <3

100% Illustrator - referenced pose
(c) Tim Burton, Winona Ryder
print available here!
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Another great one!

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OH my god this is gorgeous!  I love everything about it, the shrimp hand, Betelgeuse at the top, & the wistful look on Lydia's face  :)

Also, I found it at Future Shop on DVD about 7 years ago
This is my favorite !
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This is amazing, I love this so much.
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This is absolutely beautiful! I love this to pieces! The details along the top and the sandworm are amaazzzinngg!!!
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Needless to say, this is amazing and awesome and well done, and....ARGH! jealous of the skylz!!

they have the entire cartoon sereis on DVD now, it's a box set for like 99 bucks on E-bay or amazon, but it on dvd.
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that is awesome!
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Ahhh! I love this~! This was always one of my favorite movies~ And I totally agree with you: it will always awesome.
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Holy cow, Beetljuice fan art! Wonderful! And in Nouveau! You did a marvelous job with this!
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Sorry - not certain why my posts appeared multiple times! Thank you for the link! Look forward to purchasing it soon!
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Beautifully done! The various objects from the movie and the sandworm there were well chosen touches.
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Another of my favorite characters!!
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I adore this! This was one of my absolute favorite movies as a kid. "I myself am, strange and unusual" was always my mantra. I'm with the above, I would LOVE a print.
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Thankyou so much! I do actually have a store now :D
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I saw this on Tumblr and immediately came here to find your gallery and fav this!!
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Gorgeous!!! That's where I got my daughter's name!!! Would love to purchase one!!! Is that possible???
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It is!
Thankyou so much! Your daughter has an awesome name, Beetlejuice is one of my favorite movies <3
fossilfizzgig's avatar
Beautiful! Can I buy it?????
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