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Lili Nouveau

Lili, from the movie Legend.

Another classic that I loved for no good reason. The movie itself makes no sense, but it's pretty. So I'm okay with this. Lili was a general, spoiled, whatever princess, up until she suddenly became the desire of Darkness. who turned her into something way more interesting, imo.

Hence having to do twice as much work for this picture, but worth it for Dark!Lili. (its too bad you can't see all of her, actually, i might make a reverse version)

silly magic, horses with horns pretending to be unicorns, a weirdly innocent looking tom cruise. me gusta.

Also, Darkness was my first guilty, fictional character crush. which just screams therapy, but srsly. Tim Curry. With horns ♥

100% Illustrator - referenced pose
(c)Ridley Scott, William Hjortsberg
print available here!
Also in reverse with Dark Lili in front
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"The movie itself makes no sense, but it's pretty" <-- literally my relationship with Legend lol, except add "and it has fairies." XDD Beautiful art!

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I found your work from a post by the Pop Theory Store on Facebook.  This is one of my favourites (The Last Unicorn is another).  I love how you included both views of Lili in this.   It's truly spectacular.  
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perfect interpretation of dark/light Lili.
Your thoughts on the movie are similar to mine... and who doesn´t have a villain crush on Darkness?
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Beautiful work, I love these kind of drawings. Reminds me a bit of Alphonse MuchaHeart 
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One of my favorite movies; I absolutely *love* your rendition of Lili and especially her "dark side" in the shadow there.  Beautiful work!
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I Love Lily Legend's one of my favorite movies, great job!:happybounce: Heart Giggle Hug 
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You oughtta do one of these with Isabeau from Ladyhawke sometime.
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Please do make a reverse!  I also LOVE the details.  I see OONA! <.<  I love and hate that willful sprite.
NightscreamArachnia's avatar
So beautiful ^^ Great work!
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First off, this is lovely. I adore Art Nouveau, and you caught the style and essence of the film perfectly. Secondly, babygirl, y'all don't need no therapy, cus' I know EXACTLY where you're coming from. Tim Curry, with horns, playing a 13 foot sexual demon. Therapy please!!!
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Where there is Willow - Legend can't be far behind :D I am amaized by you !
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A guilty pleasure movie for me, I never get tired of the visuals.

Very nice drawing!
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*high fives* so far, it would seem we have a similar taste in older movies. :D Legend was another favorite when I was growing up.

I love how you integrate key moments from the movies into the top of each card--and the tarot style... I think I'm going to have to watch your work from now on. :D
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I love this film and I love how you have Lili in both dark and light forms! Beautiful!
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I absolutely love all of these! You literally have every single one of my favorite movies here - Legend, Willow, Labyrinth, The Last Unicorn, Fern Gully! I'M DYING! I'm so glad you linked to the site where we can buy prints, because I AM BUYING ALL THE PRINTS RIGHT NOW. Holy cow. Keep up the good work!!!
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How can you not have a crush on Tim Curry? He truly is the prefect villain! and his voice, lord behold!
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Gosh, I love this series you've done! Great work.
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The movie makes no sense? What? It's a great movie about good and evil. Great work none the less!
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This is amazing. You're not alone with Darkness though. He was a sexy beast. ;)
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i totally get the tim curry with horns, and just recently i noticed a lot of the characters that i have an interest in emotionally, intellectually, fan girl crush wise have horns...i think i need more therapy than you
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I had a crush on Darkness too...we can go to therapy together lol
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Oh man. I wish I could print these or buy these as bookmarks. All of these are amazing.
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