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Jenny Nouveau

Jenny Blake from The Rocketeer
Latest in my nouveau series, but with a bit more of a vintage style, thanks to the time period.

I honestly forgot how much I loved this movie until I watched it again for references. It's simple, elegant, fun and with an amazing soundtrack, probably one of the few of my favs as a kid that I can watch again and still find no fault with it. Who didn't have a crush on the two main characters, honestly?

Jenny was a great heroine; gorgeous, quick under pressure, and a smart cookie who wasn't easily fooled. Not even by her boy, who spends most of the movie being insensitive to her until she gets kidnapped.

Plus, Bond was the bad guy. And I love him as a bad guy.

"I'm the Rocketeer!"
"The Rocke-who?"

*best line in movie*

100% illustrator/vector art - referenced pose
Jenny(c) Joe Johnston(movie) and Dave Stevens(graphic novel)
print available here!
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I literally GASPED when I realized this was The Rocketeer, ahhhhhhhh!!! <3 I fucking LOVE that movie, it's such an underrated classic! Bless you for this! *heart eyes*

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I laugh because Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U!  Did you realize that 2 of your Nouveau cards are of Jennifer Connelly?
Jennifer Connelly played both Sarah from The Labyrinth, and Jenny from The Rocketeer when she was older.
Just a funny coincidence. 10 Wink
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Love your nouveaus!!! Make more please~
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I love this series. You have a flare for capturing the characters.
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Fantastic tribute to a totally underappreciated movie. Great aesthetic, love your Art Nouveau series, You're superstar!!
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::catches breath::


Very first movie I ever saw in theaters as a child. Special place in my heart is not a strong enough description. I love you for this. So, so very much.
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