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Winter Wrap Up - Applejack

By Kishmond
I don't know why the BG appears black here. Full size is transparent.
Applejack at the Winter Wrap Up.
I didn't time this one. >.<

I used :iconkefkafloyd:'s color reference guide.
As usual you can use these for whatever you want. That's why I make 'em!
My Little Pony and characters belongs to Hasbro
Original .psd:
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© 2011 - 2021 Kishmond
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My OC: (Please draw!! I tried asking everyone, nobody says yes) :sad: :sad: :sad: 

Name: Queen Briar
Age: 16
Coat color: Cinnamon
Mane: Slightly wavy brown hair
Cutie Mark: Rose with Thorns
Type: Alicorn 
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I'm in the same boat bro
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i assume your fine with me using this in a game? your name will be in the credits of course!
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I'm sorry but would you mind if I used this vector for something? ^^; I'll of course give you credit.
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Just to let you know, I plan on using this in a picture, if that's cool.
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Can i use this for a Image i'm doing?
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Hey bro I took this vector and made a worn out looking poster with it.


I guess I should have asked for permission first but what the hay, I'm barely ever around so I don't quite know how lenient the etiquette is 'round these parts.
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That's cool, you have pre-empive permission. ;)
And to make a person's avatar appear with a link, type
With [name] as their deviant ID.
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preemptive rather.
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That's Perfect!
What program did you use? =)
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Everything I do I make in Photoshop CS5.
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The music on that episode was rather quite enlightening =o

I really like how the series turned out this year.
Anyways, well done on the vectoring! Keep up the good work :ahoy:
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