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Braeburn 1

By Kishmond
Update 4/19/2014 Completely redone in Illustrator, proper like.
Smoother strokes! Accurate colors! etc, etc.
And he now comes in a naked version. You're welcome. (Safe for work! Ponies are usually naked, you know.)
.ai file:

As some already know, Braeburn and I are pretty much BEST BROS.
This is because he lives in my brain.
He won't leave.

My Little Pony and characters belong to Hasbro
Super old lame .psd:
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© 2011 - 2021 Kishmond
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strongbad-joe132's avatar
My favorite Apple sibling outside the "mane" family.
illumnious's avatar
at least he's not gay
NeonGlowSpark's avatar
Is it wierd if i think he is hot
Kishmond's avatar
That is a normal reaction to exposure to Braeburn.
DaChosta's avatar
I want to use this vector for a shirt I want to make.  Is that alright?
Kishmond's avatar
Slitheen97's avatar
Can I use this?
SugarrCane's avatar
Oh my, he is so sexy..
Striker-666's avatar
Ponies obviously doesn't wear any clothes nor underwear,but...
... this video is my first initial reaction to Braeburn.

nicoco177's avatar
Oh my gawd..I actuallythink he looks kinda cute on this :)
floralcloud's avatar
whoever made braeburn's vest seriously needs some lessons from rarity
TheEnlightenment777's avatar
Ouch! Still I don't think that's much of a problem!
Maximillian-Alpine's avatar
used: [link]

hope it's alright to use :D
RainbowDash180's avatar
stupid, sexy Braeburn
Rethiacarmell's avatar
hailey~-blushes-why are you looking at me like that-
MarioySonic's avatar

:icony-u-noplz: Y U MAKE GUYS GAY?
Nfadala's avatar
I'm with ya buddy!
Doodlett's avatar
everypony is gay for him. no exceptions.
rockman08's avatar
...I'm an exception...
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