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At The Gala

By Kishmond

It is finished!

If you can download a 7 MB file, view the full version.

Here's the big project I was working on, and probably the last thing I'll finish before I leave. Here's some numbers because numbers are fun.

Time taken: 75 hours and 13 minutes over 27 days
Size: 12000 by 6747 pixels, 7.24 MB lossless PNG
Number of layers: I had to split it into 2 PSDs due to the sheer amount on memory needed to work with them. The background has 129 layers while the castle has 249 layers. Total: 378 layers.

I'd like to thank :iconsirleandrea: and :iconivan-chan: for helping me with some of the ponies in the foreground, :iconmoongazeponies: for teaching me how to vector efficiently, and everyone at Hasbro for making a truly awesome show.

I guess that's it. Have a nice day. :D

Here's a more manageable 860KB wallpaper sized version:…

.ai file with all the paths used:
.psd of just the castle:
(The .psd of the background is too big!)

On Equestria Daily:…

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro
Image details
Image size
12000x6747px 7.25 MB
© 2011 - 2021 Kishmond
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PotatoeBat's avatar
Gonna Use it!! I will make sure to credit you!!
Malte279's avatar
Thank you very much, Kishmond :)
I used  part of your drawing and credited it here:
Pipe Cleaner Celestia by Malte279  
Star-of-Twilight's avatar
Wonderful Job! totally impressed, you do good work!
Oathkeeper21's avatar

It's like the one that I've printed a year ago
except there were no ponies going inside
HareTrinity's avatar
Wow, very nice! :D
Can I use this for a comic?
Kishmond's avatar
Dawkz's avatar
Used in [link] as a background. Thank you very much for your hard work. :D

You're credited on the footer of every page ;)
Col762nel's avatar
Thanks for th Bg, used it here: [link]
RedBlupi's avatar
I used this in my animation: [link]
You're listed in the end credits.
If it wasn't for you, it would probably take me more to make this single background than the entire video O_o
Thanks a lot, you really saved my deadline-threatened hide!
LordCronthus's avatar
Incredible!!!!!! :jawdrop:
UtterlyLudicrous's avatar
Used this in a movie poster parody of Titanic: GALA
Excellent work :)
pulmonox's avatar
Since you don't seem terribly against people using this magnificent piece of artwork (so long as credit is given) I have used it as a background for a piece of cover-art that I drew. Thank you for making such a great resource available! Picture can be found here:


If you have any issues with its use, please let me know!
tamalesyatole's avatar
Used here [link] for a Stellaruim Landscape. Completed with ~MLP-Vector-Collabs's " Group Background #1".
hastypixels's avatar
I've used the product of your time and effort for my cover art. ^^; Thought you might want to see it. Credit given, of course.

Thank you.

Here's the link: [link]
hastypixels's avatar
That is incredible. I'm going to use this for a fanfic cover. Would you like a link to the deviation?

Thank you for your work!
SUBJECT-241's avatar
I used your vector here [link]
ikonradx's avatar
Ive been waiting for this since the finale!! Thank you so much :3
Musicalmutt2's avatar
wowow! pure amazing! <33
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