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Random Favourites

Mein Gott im Himmel-
Where are You now?
Save me-
Help me.
Pull this trigger-slide this blade- tighten this rope- kill what You have made.
Make me bleed salvation from my eyes-
Make me scream towards the skies!
Mein Gott im Himmel-
Help me say my last goodbyes.
Take my soul
And make me whole.
Rape my faith; take my trust and throw it all away.
Take my life, prove me right- let them know it's all a waste.
Take my eyes so I may not see.
Take my ears so I may not hear.
Take my tongue so I may not speak.
Take my life so I may not breathe.
Mein Gott im Himmel-
Raise me up so I can fall.
Shove me up against Your judgemental wall.
Choke my life and make it all
Go away.
Dying and crippled
Completely scar riddled,
Dead and bleeding in Your Holy hand.
:iconmakeshiftsoul:MakeShiftSoul 3 20
Logic In Wonderland
"We're all mad Here!"
Well, if you're mad There
and I'm Here as well
that means I'm mad too!
And if Here is There
and that is Everywhere,
then one would think
that includes you!
I'm mad,
you're mad,
we're all mad
And if Everywhere is Anywhere
that makes the whole world
and if Here is There or Anywhere,
that would make the whole world mad too!
It's a mad, mad place
when Everyone is mad.
It's a funny, funny place
in this crazy land
but if the world is mad
and we are too,
Here, There, Anywhere
even to Timbuktu,
and if the whole world is mad
and thinks the same,
then that would mean
no one is mad
everyone is just very,very sane.
:iconmakeshiftsoul:MakeShiftSoul 156 116
On Wings of an Angel-Ch.1
Chapter One
June 26, 2004
          "Shoot me now," Aiden breathed. Serenity looked at him in horror, watching his bright blue eyes slowly be taken over by an inky black, reminding her of oil spilled on the Atlantic Ocean.
          "I-I can't. I-I just, I just can't do it!" Serenity stuttered. She bristled when Aiden glared at her. He ground his teeth together, setting his jaw. I love him...I can't shoot him, I can't. He's my soulmate, I can't do this to him. Why should I care that he-
          "Damn your heart, Serenity! If you love me, if you care for your life, you will shoot me now and make sure I DIE!" Aiden began to take slow, measured steps towards Serenity. She saw Aiden lick his lips and a slight tremor flew down her spine and through every bone in her body. With every step that Aiden took forward, Serenity took a step backwards in accordance. Serenity felt all the eyes in the room watching them, as if she and Aiden were performing some  exotic dance. Some of the star
:iconmakeshiftsoul:MakeShiftSoul 4 20
Critical Failure by HighlyFlammableMan Critical Failure :iconhighlyflammableman:HighlyFlammableMan 5 12
A Boy Named Nothing
Nice guy, nice girl
Lip Service lace shirt
Red Balls trenchcoat proper, pert
Plus fingerless gloves, black without seams
Flagrant vagrant, spooky kid's dream
Just a notch below pop, cop a feel, steal the lot in a blind shot
Fads blow with the throws
Though you never know
Where it is his mind goes when the eyes close
Only give what you get and never take what's shown
Heart rips
Identity split
Sand drips
In his Mexico
The speech, a tangent
The life, a pageant, a desert that you deserve
Unnerved by the curve of a post-morten social norm he shows scorn for pornographically designed intelligence forlorn humans who abley act so inhumane
When you're so fargone an outcast, love and hate look the same
Picking up where insult left off, he maims
A mind too wild for a life, a body so tame
It's not something he can contain
So it's cut out and let flow onto a mirror
When endorphins overtake tears it's that much clearer
:iconleggy:leggy 8 23
It'll end in tears.
it'll end in tears.
Take the helm and guide me across the river
Windswept no more, we head to port.
Take the wheel, look over
I am in the passenger seat
And wondering if you will drive me
Straight home
Or let me enjoy the trees blurring by outside
My window.
Either way
I’m no longer lost
I know where I belong
I know where I am going
It matters only now
Tomorrow will bring a passage of forgiveness.
So please just keep driving
And filling the car up with the sound of your voice
Singing me songs in a language
Only we know
Smile at me and run your fingers through my hair
Let me be unburdened
As my eyelids grow heavier
And beg for coins and closure
Sailing for the seventh sea
Your hand over mine  
I will lie prone and sacrosanct
Atop a bed of roses and tiger~lilies
The pyre underneath
With love, regret and reason
Soon you will tuck me in
Your dark locks falling over me
Like a starless night, as you
Kiss my forehead
And send me to sleep.
But for now
For no
:icontivius:Tivius 3 5


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