Will you upgrade to Windows 8?
558 votes
Yes :nod:
No :no:
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Upgrade to Windows 8? Not yet... Its great for a touch device but for a PC geek (like me), 7 is more than enough for now. Will see what MS comes up with W8 in future...
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Let me think first (because there isn't a "maybe" option), I'm trying this thing out for just making sure that there isn't any bugs or known issues before upgrading very soon.

:bulletblack: (it seems that I don't have any problems with the Release Preview of Windows 8 btw).

Buying Windows 8 for the first day after the release date makes me think that there would be some issues and glitches. I'll wait when the critics decide whether or not to recommend to install Windows 8, but it can't be that perfect. When they decide not recommending it, I'll be sticking up with Windows 7 while dual-booting with Ubuntu anyway. :D
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I won't buy it on Day 1, maybe some months later, who knows.

The only reason I would buy it for my desktop is to use the advantage of speed (if there is any), there already are ways to directly switch to desktop after boot, maybe there is more possible, so I will never have to see "Metro" or whatever name Microsoft gave to their skin now.
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I remember buying Windows 7 first day on release for $20, loved the OS right away. Windows 8 doesn't have that same feeling that Win7 did, I'll be waiting to get it to see what modifications people can make to it, unless I can get a good deal like I did with Windows 7.
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More over that, now with steam on linux, i will definitely stop using windows & will only use linux mint or debian.

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currently on win 8 release preview soon going to upgrade to rtm then will move to final :)
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I think you will be able to upgrade, but only if your pc has touch. Or else it is not recommended to upgrade from Windows 7 to 8.
If you want Windows 8, you'll have to buy the Microsoft Surface. And Windows 8 is maybe good for personal stuff, etc but not for real gaming and designing.
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Yes, I am an early adopter! :eager:
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Only when I will change my laptop, I think Win8 can be the best if the PC had a touchscreen, so i will wait and try with a touchscreen PC on my Win7 PC
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I did it already. ;)
at first, i don't like it. The border window of explorer are ugly.
and then i notice that all my programs/software are working.
Now i like it so much.
The speed. Multimonitor taskbar support. Taskbar transparent (no blur). And now, I like the startscreen. It's usable and very responsive.
Personally, i'm not always using metro apps Since i'm on desktop pc (not tablet). I'm using startscreen as notification on fb, mail, weather, etc.. and AS AN APPLICATION LAUNCHER.
At first, you will not like it, but try to keep using it. I'm sure you will see the big difference of win7 and win8. If you still don't like it, i think you have a defect on brain. lol ;)
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it'll be much more beautiful when they'll complete it like office 2013
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Not immediately. Likely a few years after it's been out and I need to get a new computer... (Which by then I will need to.)
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I already have the rtm!!!
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Well I also have it.
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Not exactly illegally. I have my sources - besides, I'm not selling it or anything. No worries.
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going to wait for awhile
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Already installed and activated :D
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If I didn't, I'd question my geek-hood.
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Nope. Never ever. The only thing I'd upgrade for is the hybrid boot system.
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I'm waiting to see what many gaming developers decide to do. Windows 8 is faster than Windows 7 but I have mixed feelings about the start screen (menu). I've only tried out Windows 8 on my laptop and not my desktop so I'm unsure if I would really want to use it and whether or not my productivity would advance or slow down. I'm gonna give it a try on my desktop eventually in a new partition but until then I just don't know.
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I only plan on upgrading if there is a significant difference in Gaming Benchmarks. Besides that Windows 7 is fine for me.
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I will upgrade (if not too expensive). Like a lot of innovations, Metro 8-UI needs you to leave your habits behind you and learn another way to use your computer. But once done, the OS reveal rich features which seriously lacks in previous Windows.

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