Will you upgrade to Windows 8.1?
897 votes
Yes :nod:
No :no:
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yes I did and I'm quite happy with my decision!
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When Windows 8 came out, i hated it. But when i got it myself, i actually loved it, and still do. I do not miss the start button at all. I like (love) the clean interface of W8. That's why i will not upgrade to 8.1.
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I have upgraded my Windows to 8.1 since 6 months ago. At first, I hated the ugly interface but then I got over it.
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Came with my new laptop. :D
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Already updated, both my computer and my phone.
You should add an "already updated" to the poll
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dude I'm typing on a windows 8 com right now and its bad! w8 a while cuz I think 7 is the best right now, when they actually improve 8 and it becomes the default then get 8 otherwise its baaaaaadddd!
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I'm using Linux ;)
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windows 8.1 and windows 8 is pretty good
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I just uploaded to Vista last year, from W2k... :P  I'm slow!  And I love Vista so far.
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I will not install on my machine or Windows 7 and Windows 8 least. I will die with my beloved Windows XP.
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I tried to but the download always freezes halfway, I've tried at least 20 times D:
And once when it did download, the installer crashed halfway through and it reset back to 8.0 :/
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I accidentally downloaded it, it was a whole HOUR of downloading, and I had to do something else to make the time pass, problem was there was NOTHING to do
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Please don't do it..I ain't joking... :

I did it once..and it screwed up my computer...the only way to uninstall it is to remove everything, a FULL reset.

I mean...there's another way to remove it which is do that refresh it...but it will remove stuff like Chrome, Skype, and most stuff, while your pictures stay.

It screwed up my computer because the wifi goes on and off, and I had to google why. I saw a lot of people having the same freakin' problem because of the update, so I had to remove it.

It took me a long time to download the missing programs, though I have a feeling I am still missing more since this Windows 8.1 update happened during New Years Eve. :iconsulkplz:

I ain't sure if that problem is fixed yet, but you don't have to update it if you don't want to. :)
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Windows 8.1 doesn't runs Winrar and VLC media player and my most important Game DotA 2. And you can not customize windows 8.1 as you did with windows 7.  I installed windows 8 and then I upgraded to windows 8.1 then I found many problems with windows 8.1 ( I never used windows 8, I installed windows 8 and directly upgraded to windows 8.1). I am now back to windows 7 (windows 7 rules). I think i will w8 a year and then move to windows 8.1 cause till then all this problems might be fixed.
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I don't know about WinRAR but VLC does run on Windows 8.1. Did you try the latest version of VLC? And I would suggest you 7-Zip over WinRAR, 7-Zip is way better.
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Thanks for the suggestion for 7-zip.
I was looking into stores in windows 8.1 and found a Beta Version Of VLC for windows 8.1 . Since its Beta version it needs a lot of work but i think i will wait till everything is fixed.
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You can use the desktop version of VLC which is totally stable instead of the Windows Store version.
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I tried everything but I can't run the desktop Version. I have a 64-bit windows 8.1 PRO.
Running as admin doesn't work.
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I too have Windows 8.1 Pro x64, it works absolutely fine for me. Are you getting any error?
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Nope no errors. It doesn't startup (I don't even see VLC.exe in my taskmanager). I have tried re-installing but it didn't help.
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That's pretty strange. I ran out of suggestions. 
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