What Windows 8 feature do you like the most?
157 votes
Metro UI
Windows Store
New authentication methods : picture password / PIN
Ribbon in Windows Explorer
Hybrid Boot (Fast Boot)
Windows To Go (Use Windows 8 from external disk)
Windows Defender with Microsoft Security Essentials capabilities
Other (Comment)
Haven't tried Windows 8 yet
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Desktop, haha!
Even though it's not unique to 8, that's why I like it (:
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Snappy speeds and informative file/task managers!
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I love how snappy the search feature is now. Amazingly fast at finding files the minute you start typing. I found that its finds them quicker than windows 7. Also love the multimonitor taskbar!
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Not rounded corners :P
Ps: Keep those photos from ur mobile flying over FB again, they're eycandy
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Sorry, that PS wasn't for u :)
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auto colors detection for aero(depending wallpaper colors) //win developper/consumer preview
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now, I LOVED the concept and idea of the Tiles, but I think they gotta make that a touchscreen exclusive - desktop is impossible to use on a tablet and the tiles are just bullshit on a desktop/laptop. Make 2 versions of it or something, omitting the other.

but it was fairly good, and I liked the Metro Desktop (but with the start button, plz)
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the best thing i like about windows 8 is device independency now devs can use same code (not all) everywhere on every platform(MS) excluding xbox (xbox support will be added in future also )
now even windows phone 8 has NT kernel so this is going to be very interesting
which will benefit the users more and more

other than this i like all feature but the most one's are
-more device and architecture support
-functionality improvements(hardcore OS related)
-stereoscopic rendering
-easy restore
-VHD native boot
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What a dreadfully hard question! I haven't tried it yet, since I'm just lazy, but I am excited, although I also have some reservations. But I do like a lot of the features mentioned in the poll.
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the interface in quite messy otherwise it's okay
more clearly i want only a pure desktop experience and a pure tablet experience, in windows 8 they mixed them
but separately i like both metro and desktop interface
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In fact, I like:
_ Ribbon in Explorer
_ New authentication methods
_ Windows Defender = Security Essentials

But one thing that I don't like with Hybrid Boot: it turns off Num Key at each logon and the activation methods working with older Windows are without effect here.
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I like the overall performance of Windows 8 - it's snappier in my opinion so far than current and previous versions. Out of the choices given though, I think "Refresh/Reset" is a incredibly handy feature.

I dislike the Metro UI with a passion on desktops, but love it on my netbook - and can see it being great for tablets.
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I don't like anything in W8. The ribbon isn't useful at all (a customizable toolbar and menus like in OSX are much better). The Start Screen is good... for tablets and phones ! It's a bad thing to have the same OS for PCs and Tablest !! The only good thing they could have done is to delete the start button. It allows you to pin one more program on taskbar (if you have a big screen you don't care, but it's great for laptops ;p)
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