Suggest ideas for my new app
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An app to create and manage custom metro tiles would be really cool!
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Jumplist launcher on its own folder, such as games and office.
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Start menu organizer
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I'd like to see a replacement for aero completely, it used to be cool, but now, after staring at it so long, it's really getting old. Something shiny to replace it would be nice, or a make your own theme application. I think everyone could appreciate that.
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An example of a program that does this is windows blinds, but they charge for the program, and it's pretty ridiculous. I could understand if it was like 5$ or 10$ to buy, but they price it upwards of 20$- usually more. Even if you didn't make the app free I'd be willing to buy it. <3 I'm on this computer constantly texturing 3d models and I get bored of my desktop quite a bit.
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make new version for
Windows Theme Installer and working with sp1 and x86,x64 :)
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Aplication to change all the system icons(mb its allready exist, but i havent seen this), cause there r so many troubles with it:/
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An app that would let you put new links on the right side of the start (orb) menu would be cool (Not just replacing links that are already there).
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Automatize the change of notification area icons, like someone done with the superbar icons.
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Tweak the intensity of the aero blur (probably not possible).

Allow people to change the width (and maybe height) of the window controls.
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See my suggestion I posted on your main page.
I will not repeat myself. ;)
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how about finally removing that bloody blur in the win7 taskbar? or is it impossible to remove?

another nice idea would be to automate some nice reg hacks to customize windows explorer (like: moving preview/details/navigation panes to top or bottom, left or right, tweaking text and image preview in the details pane, and so on...)
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Ability to turn live folders on and off? :?
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Something that can make changing the Startup sound in Windows 7 an automated process :D
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Is it possible to get transparency (Aero) within the Task Manager's interface?If yes, it's time someone worked on an app. that does that :thumbsup:
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add extra icons with customizable links to commandbar at the right D:
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