Suggest ideas for my new app
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Windows 7 Boot Animation Changer i'ev tried boot updater but it make my windows corrupt i think u make a good one

per jeldi bhaiii---Uvais(india)
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An app that can change the icon for just 1 file (not all of that type), for example: change a .PSD icon of a file on your desktop without changing all of the .PSD files
(i guess you can do that on Gnome, but i use windows)

Thank you
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also one that does this for you: [link]
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an easy way to do this: [link]
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A tray icon editor, to change the defaut icons of windows/programs to this: [link]

(change all the icons, like task manager icon, video card icon, antivirus , dropobox, bluetooth, sidebar, java, etc.) so people doesn't need to change one by one in resource hacker.
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How about these. I do this manually but it would be nice to have a program to do it for me.
A program that changes the position of the Details Pane from the bottom to the top/left/right.
Also the "Start Menu's" "All Programs" to whatever you wanted, and the "Start Menu's" Task Panes. I can post screens if you don't know what I mean.
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Screenshots please
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I am going to develop the first one but not the second one because it can be changed by the theme.
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Cool. I look forward to it.
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My computer has this thing over the battery that says consider replacing your battery otherwise, this may cause your computer to shut down suddenly ([link] I'm not the only one) Maybe you could redesign the battery icon in the taskbar...oh and the volume and network connection?
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Have you had much time to have a look at updating windows theme installer 1.1
like i have said before it would be great if you added more options to change more system files like ActionCenter.dll, authui.dll, batmeter.dll, ieFrame.dll, imageres.dll, imageressp1.dll, pnidui.dll, SndVolSSO.dll and Stoject.dll Thanks for your time and keep up the amazing work for a young lad as i have all your apps and use most of them all the time
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Maybe how to make a cursor?
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Hello Kishan :w00t: ,I like windows 7 with themes rather than the original one.But for a beautiful theme we need to change the explorer,shell,imageres,explorerframe..etc.Also rainmeter has some beautiful apps to add.So i sincerely request a minute tweak with which we can change these files with ease :#1 (many people get confused and get their pc's damaged due to this).Also if you can enable a way of clustering rainmeter along with this then you will be our GOD. :sadangel:
You have specified about the boot loader for win7 @ coderforlife,why not make it simple in your style. :bounce:
Thats my sincere request :handshake:
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I would suggest an application which will change the ICONS of three system tray icons:
>action center
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1). A fully Aero Enabled Theme for Windows 7 with Icons, Cursors, Logons, Tweaks, SysFiles, Control Panel & especially WMP, Plz do it tranparent.

2). Second Taskbar for my windows

3). Some Bitmaps for Userframes

4). Some new start orbz

5). Etc, Etc, Etc......
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How to get two desktop on one monitor?
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1. Aero glass for WMP12, like in WMP11.
2. Tool to customize the right panel of the Start Menu (with Documents, Pictures, Music etc.)
3. Add jumplist tasks for any program on Windows 7
4. A "Download Center" to download all your other apps!

I possible, of course...
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Locked Folder Application.

When we click on the locked folder, we need to enter a password then click OK.

Simple as that.
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glass for wmp 12 would be very nice (like this: [link])
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Great idea!
I'd like it!
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I don't understand why there isn't anybody who made this.... :(
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System Wide Font Changer. Right now I'm using a bit of a hack to make all the font on W7 the same.
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Can you show me the hack you are using?
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