Do you have any ideas for smartphone apps?
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:nod: (Please comment, if I develop it your credit will be there)
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Application for diabetics!

Hi, A company named Medtronic has developed a continuous glucose monitoring system for diabetics. It is absolutely brilliant. Diabetics can with this wireless system see what their blood glucose levels are all the time. On a graph they can also see if glucose levels are going up or down. Every 5 minutes a sensor inserted underneath a persons skin sends a signal to a receiver that displays the data.

However, the system is outrageously expensive - and the monitor looks like a pager from the 80's with a tiny screen. The monitor alone is $1500 in Australia. Another issue with the system is that an alarm sounds when blood glucose levels are getting too high or low - but the alarm is vague. Could someone not make an application that would pick up the signals from Medtronics sensors and display them on one's phone? That would allow for amazing savings on hardware, much better screen for display of glucose levels and trends, and warning sounds that people can actually hear. You can see the devise here:

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An app for writers who want the latest news on literary mags like Writer's Digest and would like to keep up to date with what other writers are doing. I'd love something like that.
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For Android , icon changer??????
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an app to measure the angle between anything, suppose there are points A,B and C with segments AC and BC then, the app which would be integrated with the camera would calculate the angle based on the data the user provides...
suppose a user looks at a tree branch and then he just has to take a pic and select thepoints A, B and C ..the app should then calc the angle.....

Happy coding!! its ur choice to select the platform ...
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A simple calculator app that has a gorgeous design for Android. (AKA Calcbot for Android)
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A mobile twitter site [link] would be good, but it's not meant to be an app...
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I think you should make symbian^3 or 4 apps for upcoming nokia phones...
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I have any ideas about social network application or multi-protocol instant messenger. 'Cuz I try to choose any smartphone. My lifestyle need always online and I have to use multiple applications, It's so sick and damage my phone.
I like iPhone and Android but now, I use a Blackberry. There's not a lot of choice for my needs. It's lowest prices for users who stay online.
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what kind of app we talking about? I have a few app game ideas but not really other ones.
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For Windows Phone, a tweaking tool for tiles???
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Sounds simple. But I've always wished someone would create a dA app unless there is one and I just don't know about it.

It would be nice to have something like that rather having a bookmark to dA or opening a browser typing in the url everytime. Plus the web UI is okay, but I feel like it's missing some things (don't ask me what, I couldn't tell you)

- Android user
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An app that can simplify browsing dA on smartphones, opening categories and going into them and checking messages.Opening dA directly from a browser loads the unnecessary deviations on the homepage every time and it's really an inconvenience for people with data limits over their carrier (like me).
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I rightfully agree.
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a sort of wifi app to get connected everywhere on iPods for example, or a free phoning, texting & chatting for iOS :D
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Here's one, could be for all platforms really but I am thinking about it on iOS;
An application that tracks different stats. Things like amount of 3G data used, text messages sent, received calls, how many music tracks you currently have etc.

I would definitely use it.
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Only possible with a Cydia tweak
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I think about a lockscreen app for android, on which we could create our own theme.
Or a Home app, but more difficult.
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You talking Android here?
I know these already exist, but some kind of status bar replacer. I don't particularly trust the ones in the market, and would much rather use one developed by someone I know. ;)
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Ah. My idea was only plausible for Android.
I'll have a think. ;)
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