Windows 8 Customization App Ideas

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What Windows 8 customization apps do you want? Also, if you know how it can be done manually, link me to the tutorial.

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An app to modify locked screen user image border. (similar to your start menu user image border changer!)

Thanks dude!
I'm a sucker for transparency, I'm using Glass2k by Chime Software but the options are preset from 10% to 90% for the windows only, an app to adjust the transparency levels of the windows & taskbar to whatever level you need would be cool...... except 0%, that would be crazy ^_^
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Aero Glass!!!!!!
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Some ideas I have in mind:
_ Disable transparency of taskbar (without using basic theme)
_ Tweak thumbnail size of Apps (in left side of the screen)
_ Tweak size of magnetic corners (sometimes I don't move the cursor enough close)
_ Enable App Snap for low resolutions
_ Change proportions for spanned Apps
_ Restore text effect on titlebars (as in Aero, for dark borders)
_ In multi-monitors systems: keep Start Screen on screen when activating the Desktop on the other screen
_ Show Apps icon in the Desktop taskbar

I don't know if all of them are possible, do as you want and as you can.
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I'd like an app to disable the effect of windows being white instead of the color of the theme when they're not in focus. I want the windows to all be the same color no matter what.
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Enable SNAP in low resolution screens (especially 1280x800)
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A app to modify all system icons with iconpacks, it should be free ofcourse :P
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Return to the classic icons. Microsoft shouldn't have to strive to look like apple, big bland icons with monochrome background colours just for the sake of filling out space aren't functional.
They should have hired Susan Kare again.
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Google's doing it too, nowadays. Their app icons are overly vector-looking to the point where they no longer look shaded or anything.
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A way to add the start button back.
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There's plenty of those out there!
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You have good values.
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FIRST (and therefore most important)

I'd like an app that can change the text highlight colour :)
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For advanced appearance window:

Sop to sum it up, it's a registry key :-P
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Ah, that's interesting... thanks :D

Just gotta find the right one hahah.
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Damn typos, where is my edit button in dA >.>
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