One Click Llama Button has been updated and fixed

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One Click Llama Button by Kishan-Bagaria

January 27, 2017: v4.2.10+ works with the latest DA update and fixes the error "cannot set property 'checked' of undefined". I'd've fixed it faster but I'm not active online much these days (on DA and email) so sorry about that. Now I need someone to make me a one click button to respond to all the notes and comments. :dummy:

March 3, 2016: v2.4+ works with the latest DA update.

Feb 2016:

Update/reinstall One Click Llama Button, v2.3 works with the latest DA update.


So about 20 hours ago, DA changed something which broke One Click Llama Button. I got to know about it just now, because I didn't check DA for so long.

The fix was just 6 letters long, didn't take long to figure out but that didn't prevent my notifications to get filled by hundreds of people in 20 hours.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to reach out. I've sent a note to everyone who commented so that you get notified about the new version. I guess I'll check here more often but you can also email me if this happens again so that I get notified quicker:


Also, thanks for all the amazing comments, it's nice to know there are so many active users. :happybounce:

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Heyyy, I was using it for months and it did help me save a lot of time! Although, since yesterday or two days ago, it has suddenly disappeared and I could not re-install it nor do anything with it. Did something happen, is there anything I need to do to fix it?

I am using Google.
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Weird, should be working fine. Did you try reinstalling Tampermonkey?
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I couldn't find a way to re-install, however when you said that it gave me the idea that it is possible to do so. 

I looked it up, and I found the app! Apparently it was corrupted for some reason. It is now repaired! Thank you so much ahah!
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Glad to know it's working :)
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I hope you can fix it again ;v; doesn't work with the latest Firefox <3 I really love this program, let's hope Firefox doesn't do another big update in a long while x'D

Thank youuuuuu!
Kishan-Bagaria's avatar
It's actually the GreaseMonkey update that broke it. You can go to the installation instructions and install Tampermonkey instead which work.
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 I LOVE YOUUU!! Thanks so much :D I am glad I asked <3 Let's finally clean my feedback page spreading the llamas first!

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Oh! Alright O:! will try it right away thank you!!!
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You are the best! Thanks! :heart:
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Thank you very much for the update! :D :thumbsup:
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Thank you for saving the day! :D
MoonFlowerSax's avatar
Thank you very much for maintaining it. :happybounce:
ergo-josh's avatar
Thanks a bunch for the timely response. 
Nuvvola's avatar
you're a hero! *O*
ScemEnzo's avatar
Thank you so much for all the effort you put on this Nommy smile mini 
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Works now, thank you
LovelyPoison's avatar
It's...still broken for me?

puu(.)sh / tCaUA / b0df996c69(.)png

Edit: Please disregard. It seemed to have fixed itself. Goodness.
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Yay! Thanks a lot for fixing it! :dummy:
PlexisOrion's avatar
Its broken again, please let us know the second its fixed.... cant go back to tendonitis cant take it.
Kishan-Bagaria's avatar
It's fixed now, please update! :la:
TheComicGuys's avatar
Ok so it's not just mine that broke...
PlexisOrion's avatar
No its all over his profile too....
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how do i use it? :3
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