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The One Click Llama Button Exchangers List is a list of deviants who give a llama to everyone who gives them one.

Why make yet another llama exchange list?
This list is one of its kind, it is the most feature-rich list you'll find anywhere.
- it shows you the llama stats of every deviant (automatically generated by a program)
- it won't include any deviants who given lesser llamas than they have received
- it integrates perfectly with One Click Llama Button so that you can give llamas with one click

Go check it out, add yourself, bookmark the link and share it with your friends:

One Click Llama Button Exchangers List

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any way of getting a notification when the list updates?
Kishan-Bagaria's avatar
Well, I could note people who want to be notified, or make a feature in the userscript itself to notify people in the message center.

I update the page daily or every other day. I guess you can check daily or weekly, there's like 10-20 new people every week.

There are browser extensions and websites too which can notify you when a webpage got updated. Like:…
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Cool concept :clap:
I love to give and receive llamas 
AelissaC's avatar
how can I add myself???
Kishan-Bagaria's avatar
I replied to your note but in case anyone else needs it, you just have to scroll down the list:…
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this is a cool idea c:
dyrealsa's avatar
agree... this is a great idea
Cloudp1e's avatar
This is a great idea!
Mayeru's avatar
great idea as always, i will join, of course.
Bonbon88's avatar
Neat. Gonna send the note asap. This list seems much handier than any other one to me
aim11's avatar
very nice.
Can you also sort by "people I have not givven llamas to?"
Kishan-Bagaria's avatar
Yeah good idea :thumbsup:
I'll cook that one up in a day.
aim11's avatar
Works perfectly!
Kishan-Bagaria's avatar
Glad to know, thanks for checking back! :la:
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One more suggestion - make it the default
Kishan-Bagaria's avatar
I'll do that in the next OCLB update because without an update only a hacky solution will work.
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Wow. That sounds nice!
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