Auto-renaming EXE files in deviations

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As you might know, deviantART doesn't allow uploading of EXEs or EXEs in ZIPs for security reasons. Many deviants rename the exe extension to something else, include a note for users to rename the extension, zip the folder and upload it. It becomes a hassle for users to rename the extension back to exe if there are multiple files.

There's a way to automate the renaming so do this instead:

1. Rename the extension from exe to rename_exe. (If you know how to use CMD, cd into the directory where your files are located and type rename *.exe *.rename_exe)

2. Include a file named Run Me First.cmd with the following text:
rename *.rename_exe *.exe
3. Zip the folder as usual and upload to deviantART.

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Good one, thank you.
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holy shit. Why didn't I think if this? 
thank you
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I tried that on OS X and BSD terminals sometime ago

(mv *.exe *.dmg )

for example

weird that I did it on OS X before on Windows right? i mean look at my DA name xD
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I guess you're also annoyed by this stupid limitation... A malware analysis would be so difficult?
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Right. VirusTotal has a nice API for that but dA doesn't really care.

I always wondered why being an art community, dA had these unrelated categories about Windows utilities. Wikipedia says "DeviantArt started as a site connected with people who took computer applications and modified them to their own tastes, or who “deviated” the applications from the original designs." Later it shifted its focus to become an art community.

And now it seems dA has nothing to do with other users. The Skins & Themes categories need a complete revamp.
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Woah, I didn't know that dA was created for that at the beginning! :o

Indeed, you're right, this goal is now totally missed...
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This will be actually very helpful in the future, thanks for tip kishan! ;P
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