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Windows Close Button Resizer

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Windows Close Button Resizer is a freeware from door2windows that allows you to resize the width of the close button in Windows 7.

How To Use:

Just run the tool, set the width and click Change. To restore the default size, click Restore.

It only works with when Aero and aero blur is enabled.

Credit goes to Ave for the original command-line tool.
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nealstarkStudent Digital Artist
does this work on windows 8.1 update 1 x32? because it doesn't work with me :(
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Nope, it doesn't work with Windows 8+
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nealstarkStudent Digital Artist
will you make a windows 8 version or can you tell me how to edit it in the resgistry myself?
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There's no option in the registry. You have to customize the theme for this -> I would have made a Windows 8 version if it was simple.
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nealstarkStudent Digital Artist
okay, thank you anyway :))
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For whatever reason, I'm unable to resize my close button. Doesn't matter what I set the value to, it doesn't seem to do anything. Running it as an administrator doesn't even bring up the initial dialog warning, and even on the one occasion it did, it still won't resize the button.

Similar thing happened with your start orb changer, but I tracked down an older version which seemed to work just fine.
Any ideas? My start button has (for an unknown reason) been resized to the same size the minimize and maximize, and on smaller windows (with only the 'x' button) the width seems to be far too narrow.
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It partially works, I can set the values and it changes, but any digits after the comma will have no effect, so I can only change between 1, 2 ,3 ,4 etc.
Might be because of the skin I use (Adobulated), or is this the same behaviour for you?
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Nope, this works fine for me and many others. Maybe it is related to your region settings. Does it show a comma instead of a period?
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Wait, that's what I wrote as a reply to my own commment :D
I guess you didn't read it when you wrote this :)
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Yeah. Only your original comment came up in my message center.
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Oh, I figured out why it's not working for me. Since I use the German language pack and we use a comma as decimal mark instead of a dot, the conversion is not working correctly, it basically removes all digits after the comma to round it up as a working number. Using a dot as decimal mark is not working though, so what I have to do is change language pack in Windows 7 to english, log off and in again, use your tool (it throws up an error (bug in comma dot conversion I guess), but I can proceed), change the decimal to 1.4, apply (works), then change language again back to German.
Kind of an annoying workaround, could you look into your great tool and see if you can catch the kind of decimal mark and eventually convert it?
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I'll try to fix this.
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Thanks, much appreciated :)
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Thank you so much! After installing a couple of custom themes, my close button suddenly became smaller, and this application just saved it :D

Your work is seriously great, so many useful applications.
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Please update this so it works with aero-blur disabled, it's really annoying for some of the win7 themes that look terrible with blur on.

Otherwise thanks for your great work that has made win7 modding so convenient.
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DeviantArt289Student Interface Designer
Works Well, however when I first installed all the icons in the tray became majorly blurred this was however fixed after a restart and now appears fine. I am actually using this tool to size my close button back up to normal size, I was mucking around with my computers settings and without noticing somehow changed the size of the close button smaller... If anyone knows how to fix this problem without this too it would be greatly appreciated.

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erelchrisHobbyist Interface Designer
hello, is there a way to permanently resize close button,,and not using wcbr.vbs..

Windows Close button Resizer is only a memory patch, and needs to run every startup.. hmm
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Does it work on vista ?
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I Can't Download this D:
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Wouw! You helped me to solve my problem! My close button was way to small after applying some themes and this application solved it! Thnx!
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OMG i have been wanting to do this for years!!! your my saviour....
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SorrowScavengerHobbyist Photographer
Amazing stuff, as always.

Will come in handy :D
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I didn't know it is possible to change that :wow:
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