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Windows Aero Switcher

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Windows Aero Switcher is a free portable tool that allows you to turn Windows Aero On/Off with just one click.

How to use:

Just run the tool and it will stay in the system tray. To disable aero click its icon and to enable aero click its icon again. If you want to exit the tool then right-click on its icon and select Exit.

PS : Suggestions and Comments are welcome! If anyone has a better icon, please do send it to me for inclusion in the tool.
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bumblebeeiscuteStudent General Artist
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All I have to say is that this is awesome. To bad it's for windows 7, I have vista and XP. But most of the time I'm on my brother's computer and he has windows 7. Me and Him both agree that this is a great thing to have installed. WE WILL NOT regret installing and using it.

All Your Windows 7 things are amazing and we love using them.
I love using the most and this one is no exception. It's fabulous keep up the great work, hope to see ton more stuff from you soon.(any thing you make will always be great i know it!)
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Thanks very much for the critique.

Windows 7 and Windows Vista use the same Windows Aero service so it will work on Vista too.
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bumblebeeiscuteStudent General Artist
you are welcome
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Many thanks for your hard work and all these great tools that you have created. :D
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123gogopowerProfessional Artist
does this work on windows 7 starter...
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123gogopowerProfessional Artist
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Very cool feature!
Is it possible to make it working without administrator rights?
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Just in case, I can deactivate Aero without administrator's rights by stopping the command with the command "TSKILL dwm.exe /a", but I can't restart it after. Do you know a way to restart the process? Thank you :thanks:
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net start uxsms
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yes, it works (if I stop the service first), but it requires administrator's rights. Any other solution?
(I'm making a game, and I search if it's possible to disable Aero in fullscreen mode, and re-activate it in windowed mode, without ask to the user if he/she has elevated rights). Thank you.
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Instead you could just enable the "Disable Desktop Composition" option in your game's shortcut.
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Thank you, i found a solution:
I created a mini-exe (converted a bat with the "pause" instruction into invisible exe). Then I added a compatibility parameter for this exe (Disable Desktop Composition, as you said). This app is launched by my game when it switches to fullscreen mode.
Result: Aero is disabled only when I want, and it takes only 10kb RAM.

Only problem: sometimes, Windows 7 shows a balloontip "A running program is not compatible with..." over the game.
Any way to temporary disable Windows 7 balloontips? (After that I stop annoying you :D)
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Very Good!, one problem is sometimes i forget if its on or not, and i cant see that somewher..
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It will work even if you close it or remove it from your hard disk.
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GalizoHobbyist Interface Designer
Fascinating, u good job! I is very useful, indeed it has helped me :D
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U R the BEST :)
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You're welcome!
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excellent work mate, love your coding skills
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MrGRiM01Hobbyist Interface Designer
I love this tool bud, I am always switching aero off so I can work on my themes in basic as well so this will save me allot of time, thank you!
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