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Windows 7 User Picture Remover

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Windows 7 Start Menu User Picture Remover is a free portable tool that allows you to remove the start menu user picture in Windows 7 with just one click.

How to use:

Just run the tool as administrator and click Remove Start Menu User Picture. Now the start menu user picture will be removed:

To add it again, just click Add Start Menu User Picture.

Thanks to *sergiogarcia9 for some help with the custom VS.
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Use Classic shell.exe file.  Removes user picture from Start menu without having to change the theme (Continue to use classic, aero or default).  Also gives you loads of options to customize your experience with start menu and other GUI's.
its really great !!!
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This tool doesn't work, unfortunately. It needs fixing, I think.
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If you have a new version of this could u please make it Perfect like this : [link] Just download the picture :D because i hate your new version Thanks :D :D
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If the picture says not found just download the image Thanks :D
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Is there a way to do it manually?
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I'm also finding that while the .exe removes the picture it also sets my VS to the default Aero. Windows 7 x64.
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Check out [link] - he has your utility there for downloading. He is suspicious because of another skin in his gallery - rainmeter - which is not being distributed in the proper way and there's been quite a bit of malware in the rainmeter gallery the last 3 months. So I thought this one might be as well, but it's up to you.
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Doesn't work. Just changes the theme to default. No error messages.
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Nice app, but everytime i use it, my visual style changes back to default.
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It actually changes your theme as its the only way to remove the user picture.
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ohh ok, thanks for the quick reply
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can this app remove the user pic on the logon screen? thanks :)
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nice tool, thanks.
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very cool! thanks for the link tho this, but this would be really cool if it could remove the picture frame from the login screen also! keep up the good work!
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For that, you will have to edit the UIFILE of authui.dll. For more info, check this: [link]
this is awesome.
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