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Windows 7 User Picture Frame Changer


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Windows 7 User Picture Changer is another freeware from door2windows that allows you to change the user picture frame in Windows 7 with just one click.

How to use:

  1. Run the tool as administrator. If you have run this tool for the first time then it will create a backup of the unmodified "explorer.exe".

  2. Click Change User Picture Frame. When it asks for the new user picture frame bitmap, select the user picture frame bitmap you have or download some from here.

  3. The Windows Explorer will now restart automatically and you will be able to see the new user picture frame which you chose.

To restore the default explorer, just click Restore User Picture Frame.
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is not free pls link free

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doesn't work on w7 64 sp1
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i will make a new one
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Thanx, I hated the stupid user image pane.
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did not work u.u
did not work .... that could have gone wrong?

excuse my English
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hey man, your tools are very useful, i can now customize my win7 apperance to the max :D
but i want to ask, what should the properties of the bitmap be? like resolution, amount of colors, and what about the background? should i keep it black? will the program do the transperancy itself?
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the door2windows 4rum is dead. I cant acess it to get a picture frame bitmap
Google can't find frame bitmap,can you reupload ?
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Doesn't work in my computer, nothing happens :S
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I want a program W7 User Logon Frame Changer
may someday...
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