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Windows 7 To Windows 8.1 Start Button Converter

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Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 Start Button Converter is a freeware which lets you easily convert existing Windows 7 start orbs (in .BMP or .PNG) to Windows 8.1 start buttons for use with Windows 8.1 Start Button Changer.

Check out the orbs I converted using this app with just a few clicks:…

If you have trouble downloading, scroll down in the thank you page and click Direct Download.
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hamedspProfessional Interface Designer
good app
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tobiasmiaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanx för the llama Love :happybounce: 
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HeavenandHellsTwinsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the llama :3
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yaakov99Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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sajidbilalProfessional Interface Designer
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I avoid the problem all together by using Linux. (Which has its own set of problems, but it is Open Source) :-)

But useful nevertheless. :-)
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Hello Kishan,
the converter is working just fine! Unfortunately it seems like Win 8.1 is scaling the .png files differently than Windows 7 did with the one .bmp or .png. When converting a Windows 7 Orb to Win 8.1, the Orb shows by far smaller in Windows 8.1 than it was in Win7. As far as I can see it's not an error in your tool, since it crops each orb and saves it as a 54 x 54 px png file with the 3 states of the Orb (Default), (Hover) and (Pressed). But in Win 8.1, they are all showing way smaller than in Win 7. Any ideas why that is or how to get around it? Many thanks!
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Microsoft changed the size, nothing we can do to get around that limitation.

In Windows 8.1, there are 8 different sizes for both the states: default and hover/pressed. Which size is displayed matters on the "Use small taskbar buttons" setting and DPI.

Windows 8.1 Start Button Sizes by Kishan-Bagaria
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dAKirby309Professional Interface Designer
So you can use Windows 7 start orbs for Windows 8 now? .... sweet :D
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LoidNerdy101Hobbyist Writer
If you have a K Drive, your computer is probably a USB slut
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XD It took me a few seconds to get this.
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hammer85Hobbyist General Artist
> USB slut
I have never heard that one. Now that I think abt it, it does go inside that...
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LoidNerdy101Hobbyist Writer
For some reason I feel like I'm offending someone
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hammer85Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, the USB Family. I bet her big brother 'usb3' is furious.
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Nah, I renamed the drive letter of my main drive because my name starts with K. I have only one USB storage drive and it starts with B (for Backup). 

Region by Kishan-Bagaria  
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LoidNerdy101Hobbyist Writer
I kid, but that's cool.

How'd you change the letter name?
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Open diskmgmt.msc, right click a drive, you'll get the option there. I can write a proper tutorial on my website if you want.
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LoidNerdy101Hobbyist Writer
You don't have to, but go ahead if it might help someone.
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Press "Win Key" + "R"  -> Type "diskmgmt.msc" then click "OK" (This opens the "Disk Management" -> Right click on a partition -> Click on "Change Drive Letter and Paths"
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LoidNerdy101Hobbyist Writer
Oh, cool. I'll try that sometime.
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NemesisGreatrexHobbyist General Artist
I'd personally rather see a fully-functioning Windows 8.1 Start Button that works exactly like Window 7 one did.  It's the one thing about 8.1 that aggravates the living hell out of me (besides losing DVD Maker), is the lack of the Start Button that Win7 and prior had.
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Unfortunately that isn't possible without an app running all the time in background. Some start menu replacement apps for Windows 8 allow you to change the start button with a Windows 7 one complete with different images for hover and pressed states.
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GirlfoxgirlStudent Writer
Would something like Classic Shell be what you're looking for? I downloaded it on my computer and so far it's been lovely.
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