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Windows 7 Task Pane Changer

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Windows 7 Task Pane Changer is a freeware from door2windows that allows you to change your task pane in Windows 7 with one click.

How to use:

  1. Run the tool as admin.

  2. Click Change Color Bitmap and browse for the color bitmap. If you don't have any, you can get some from here.

  3. Click No.

  4. Click Change Glass Bitmap and browse for the glass bitmap. If you don't have any, you can get some from here.

  5. Click Yes.

  6. Now your computer will restart and the task pane will be changed. To restore it, click Restore Original Bitmaps.
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You make nice freewares but door2windows is a f u c k i n g website with spywares. It's a shame
Put your f u c k i ng download links directly by DA please.
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mega-SLKProfessional Artist
Although I agree with the spam sites and developers packing their programs with spyware ought to be stoned, Kishan-Bagaria does offer a paid bundle for an acceptable price to support his work. The only gripe I have about the bundle is that it does not contain all his works, I'd pay $10 (acceptable and reasonable, not a 'greedy' price, and MOST developers are greedy and exaggerate their worth) for all the apps and future updates.
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Eriskigal-the-LionHobbyist Digital Artist
is there any way to make our own bitmaps??
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Yes, just use any normal image editor.

This tool has been superseded by CustomizerGod. In CustomizerGod, you can export the resources to a file, edit using a normal image editor and use the tool to change.
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Eriskigal-the-LionHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you!! ^-^
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stop binding shitty spyware with your software, you offer a program just to get a download link and put the blinkiland extension right up in there,  spent a while cleaning my computer thanks to you.
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what system files it changes , i want it recover from linux , because win can't start after change glass bmp
HELP PLEASE MY WIN IS UNUSABLE:| (Blank Stare) No, I disagree!
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It changes C:\Windows\system32\shell32.dll. You will find a backup named shell32.w7tpc.bak.dll in the same folder.
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Do you know how how can I make the system start after a bad changing? I'm in an infinite buckle of repair, restart, repair, restart...
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Open the Command Prompt somehow. After that type sfc /scannow, press Enter and all will be good. Check out the instructions on my profile page for more detailed troubleshooting.
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It doesn't work because "there is a pending start repair"...
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It will work after you restart.
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thanks very much:) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :happybounce:
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where can i download i can't download
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Sorry make it 200/542 the bit map is 200/551 but there is very little difference and it works out.
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Okay since you don't have any new panes this is what I did and this is how I did it. First all you need the bit map pane that used to come with the down load. Secound you can create your own pane by pasting a none bit map over the original bit map pane. I had some made already but the task pane would not acknowledge them until the pasted one was put over it in widowsedit tool witch comes with Windows 7. Yoiu need to edit the size 551/200 then click and save then paste over the original bit map. The design is up to you.
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need more panes for the brains [link]
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a mi no me funciona,tengo wwindows 7 home premiun
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Awesome, but...links do not work...:(
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please someone should paste the link to the bitmaps, door2windows site is unnavailable
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Thanks a lot..
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how would one go about this manually?
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EonityHobbyist General Artist
You have to reshack shell32.dll, which can be quite risky - I just nearly fried my computer just now because I didn't replace the file properly. If you are careful though, and you have UAC off, then things should be OK.
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