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Win 7 Start Button Animator

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Windows 7 Start Button Animator is a free portable tool that allows you to set an animated start button in Windows 7. You can set any animated gif image as your start button.

How to use:

  1. Run the tool. You will now see an animated orb instead of the old unanimated orb.
  2. Click on the orb icon in the system tray:
  3. Click on Select Orb and choose your desired GIF animation.
  4. Change Image Style to the style that best matches to your image.
  5. Change Taskbar Position to the position of your taskbar.
  6. If you want the tool to run everytime Windows starts up then select Run on Startup.
  7. Click Apply.


  1. Why does the start button appear on top of a video?
  2. Select Video Mode in the Settings.
  3. When I close the tool, why the default unanimated orb is not there?
  4. Click Restore Orb in the Settings.
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rcmeroStudent Writer
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For the customization geeks, this is a pretty fancy little application. Microsoft should have allowed this in the first place (instad of removing it all together in Windows 8).

The porgram does what is intended, places an animated start orb to replace the ugly, unanimated orb that rests in the taskbar. Very original, did not see anyone do this before.

Unfortunately, it only supports .gif files, but, then again, .gif files are the only ones that can be animated.

What I believe is very handy is that there is a feature to "run on startup", so that the orb can be animated from logon.
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santumerinoHobbyist General Artist
"...gif files are the only ones that can be animated."

There is also APNG you know?
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does it work on Windows 8.1/10? because windows 8 has no start button, i'm confused :baffled: 
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Nope, it's just for 7.
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it still works when you change the compality into windows 7?
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Nope, it modifies system files and Windows 8/10 is very different so it won't work.
Guscraft808Beta2's avatar
and does it work on windows vista?
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Nope again. Just 7.
Guscraft808Beta2's avatar
And does it work on Windows XP, Whistler, Neptune, 2000, NT 5.0, ME, Longhorn, Millenium, 98, Memphis, 95, and NT 4.0, and Chicago? I'm CONFUSED again :iconbaffled-plz:
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Not sure if you're trolling but my previous comment answers this. Just 7
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noturno918Student Filmographer
coloca para download pelo deviantart ?
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pagangirl1986Hobbyist Digital Artist
Quick question : When I run this without administrator, I get an error, but when I run it as administrator it doesn't auto run. I can give the error if needed.
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Make sure your antivirus isn't interfering with app. Disable it, click the startup option and enable it again.
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pagangirl1986Hobbyist Digital Artist
I had to manually change the settings of the file that it changes in order to make it work. 
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this is cool! i love it! :)
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Malleo? Where's Weegee?
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Dee-ArtistHobbyist General Artist
This app seems very interesting.  I'm downloading!
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This is great! I have just one request: can you add support for animated PNGs please?
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MorrissexHobbyist Photographer
I got a virus (TR/Dropper.Gen) on the file.
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False positive
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MorrissexHobbyist Photographer
Thanks. ;-)
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LinkFan16Hobbyist Photographer
I'd love to use this to animate my start orb, but after downloading the archive from door2windows and extracting, the .exe file delets itself and I don't know why it does that. If I happen to be fast enough to double click the .exe file, I get an error message saying the .exe file does not exist and after that the file vanishes again. Other programs like the start button changer work fine. Is there any solution to this?
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Disable your anti-virus and try.
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LinkFan16Hobbyist Photographer
and before you ask, I tried redownloading the file several times and still the problem persists.
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