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Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customizer


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Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customizer is a freeware from door2windows that allows you to customize the context menu of many locations with ease in Windows XP, Vista & 7.
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This is a really powerful tool.Thank you.Is it possible to adding folder so i can manage my things more effectively.
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THX mate, really easy to use!! Perfect!! ;)
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Is possible to toggle aero with this?
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This is really good! However, I do have a problem..i'm trying to remove an item, however i still get "unhandled exception has occured in your application", even though i ran as administrator.
windows 7 ultimate x64.

thanks ahead for any help!
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Thanks again for great tool. Ur apps always saves ours time :)
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:wow: No comments... Perfect! :+fav:
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great little tool. is it possible to make folder-like menus? something like Control Panel -> Item1, Item2 etc
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Very useful!

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I get an error when trying to download D:
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your donwload link seems not to work :(
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seems like handy :)
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this is so useful
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wow, great work, very I like app :D
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What did you mean with "This is not the real download link"?
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The download link is in the description...
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Great work :clap:
now I won't have to use regedit for that =p
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Nice app! Keep up the good work man! I hope the next deviations and programs that you will create will be MORE BETTER than before!

Added to favorites!
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Very nice, I'm gonna DL this now and test it out, looks very useful. But since Kishan-Bagaria made it I'm sure it's awesome. And of course I'll report back.
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Kishan, you're a genius. You make the best tweak apps. My norton tried to classify it as a virus but I know it's a false positive, I just added the app it to my safe list. Thanks for your hard work and I look forward to your next app.
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