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Ultimate Icon Converter

Ultimate Icon Converter is a freeware from door2windows which lets you easily create new icons (.ico) from images or extract images (.png, .bmp, .tif or .jpg) from existing icons.

Download Link & How To Use

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A suggestion: The extract images from icon, could you also have a option to extract multiple icons?
I have a lot of icons that I need to get converted into PNGs
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Your works are AMAZING!!! :D
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What versions of Windows are supported by Ultimate Icon Converter ?
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It is compatible with all versions of Windows. You may need to install .NET Framework 4 to use it on Windows 7 and earlier.

Ultimate Icon Converter is an app like Photoshop, it does not modify Windows, it takes in files and creates new files.
nice app but the installer is sucks, why i'm must install a strange apps before install this apps.
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Scroll down in the "Thank you for downloading" page and click "Direct Download", it will download the portable version.
thanks mate for the info, really appreciate it.
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It's really a great tool

But I was wondering if you can make something that converts multiple ".png" into multiple ".ico"
As the process of converting one icon at a time is quite annoying Sweating a little... 
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Someone requested that feature just yesterday, I too had that idea but it slipped my mind when I updated the app. I'll send you a note with the latest build of the app.
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I'm unsure about it, but it looks like you need to create an source image file for every dimension? I'm used to png-to-ico, which works fine for me. It's a simple dos-exe which creates icos from a png source folder to different dimension .icos with alpha. It is a part of the GANT packages which can be downloaded here at dA.
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No, that's completely optional. You can choose to include different images for different dimensions but there's also an Auto option which will automatically choose a larger image file and resize it.
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That's great, thanks.
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OOOOOHHHHHH!!! Precisely yesterday I was trying to do a proper PNG-ICO conversion and left it undone (3 or 4 apps after) because it was frustrating..

Let's see how this goes..
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Very Cool, thanks!!!
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Esta aplicación mete mucho malware de publicidad intrusiva.
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En la página "Thank you for downloading", desplácese hacia abajo y haga clic en "Direct Download"
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This is a GREAT piece of software!! Thank you for making it free and of high quality!
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Thank you for the exceptional tool Kishan-Bagaria! 
Your stuff is always good.
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this is great thank you very much
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It's great Kishan. :clap:
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Please retry, it should work.
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Thanks now it works, but still i have problem when i select 256x256 to create PNG to ICO it gives me 64x64 sized ICO. why ?
now i tried other PNG format it gives me 256x256 pixels but quality is very bad! Click to see example
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