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SmartCapsLock for Windows


Download SmartCapsLock

DON'T YOU GET ANNOYED WHEN YOU ACCIDENTALLY TYPE EVERYTHING WITH CAPS LOCK ON? Wouldn't it be awesome if you could just select the text and press Caps Lock again to reverse the mistake instead of typing it all over again? SmartCapsLock lets you do just this.

Or do you wonder why that key sits in your keyboard even though it serves no purpose for you? SmartCapsLock finally gives a use to the key and makes it very convenient when you need to quickly transform any text to a different case (UPPER CASE, lower case, Capitalized Case).

SmartCapsLock is compatible with Windows Vista and later. If you're looking for the OS X version, click here.

Thanks to LOTRcrr for the idea.

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This program crashes a lot, and the config file never updates when I change the settings.
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I've heard about the crash reports a lot. But unfortunately I didn't put much effort to debug it because I can't reproduce the problem on my PCs.

Do you have more information about the crashes, like any error dialog/messages you see?
I eventually was forced to switch to a new computer due to unrelated problems, sorry it took me this long to get back to you. I am going to re-download this application to see if I can reproduce my past difficulties.
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I heard from a few other users that it was fixed in the update. So I guess it should work for you now. Let me know if it doesn't.
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I have wanted this for so long! THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS A REALITY! It makes you wonder why Apple and Microsoft haven't implemented this yet.
(The 2nd sentence was intentionally spelt like that.)
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:) Glad to know that and you're most welcome!

If this gained popularity, there is a very good chance those two OS makers would include this functionality. 
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I tried downloading it, but Firefox blocked it.
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Use the direct download link. It'll work.
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I go to this link (…), click the "download SmartCapsLock for free" button, and then the direct download pops up. When I click "Save file", it starts to download, and then Firefox blocks it.
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Firefox still blocks it :/
EDIT: It worked in IE. Any idea why it was being blocked?
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A lot of antivirus apps flag it:…

I don't know why, I guess there are malware which modify the functionality of a key like this one does?
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what works for me is remapping CapsLock to LAlt+Win with AutoHotkey, so that I can use it to open Launchy.
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Nice. I should try this :D
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I used to disable completely the Caps Lock key, this solution is far more smart ^^

However, I have a question: is there a way to download the app directly? I mean, without the devil thing that the Door2Windows downloader is ><°

If you want to get money for sharing your app (something understandable and logic), you can use links like rather than an installer who contains malwares. Thanks.

Until now, I can't use this tool, that's sad :(
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Scroll down in the download page and click "Direct Download (.ZIP)"

The downloader is not an evil one, and it won't install anything without your permission.
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Thank you a lot!

It doesn't install if you don't allow, but it makes the adware appear as essential if you want to enjoy your software. Advanced users like me won't fall into this trap. Other users not. And it's this point that I don't like.
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You're right. I've been planning on making an FAQ, I'll add it there.
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I tested it, but sadly it doesn't work :(

The first press on Caps Lock generated an error message, and the other times, the app just replaced the selected text by the content of the Clipboard. I couldn't save the error log at this moment, I'll try to send a report the next time.

Tested on Windows 7 Pro x64, administrator account on domain, application launched with standard rights.
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I guess it doesn't work with non-English regions. Can you send me the error message?
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Ok, this time it works (Windows 10 Pro b9926, x64).
The only problem is that the app erases the content of the clipboard ^^;
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Yes, clipboard gets erased if it doesn't contain text data (this is because you can't backup and restore other clipboard data without issues).

I can't reproduce the crash on my main PC. Closing and re-opening the Preferences window multiple times does crash it on a different PC (it'll take a while to debug because there is no stack trace and I have to get VS running there to find the problem).
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I've made myself a capslock warning label in my litestep skin OMG MOAR POEMS! 
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