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Easy File Replacer

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Easy File Replacer is a freeware from door2windows which allows you to replace two similar files of different names with one click.
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Very useful tool !
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Very, very useful little tool, Kishan--thank you very much my friend !
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Translation for idiots?

Its easier if someone give's me a break down of how it works.
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Check the download link.
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i'll tryied.. i still remenber wen i used restorato. Thanks bud
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why opens a account that have plz on the name
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PLZ accounts were originally the only way to add icons to comments. Now you can add any deviation in comments so PLZ accounts aren't created any longer.…
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works very nice for me :)
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without restart?
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Yes but not for files that are protected (e.g. shell32.dll).
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oh ok then look at my code(mod of something retro that is a dead project): [link]

The description says it works on both 32bit & 64bit but it is 32bit only just my mistake....

It replaces all files without reboot on 32bit systems ;)

original app is called replacer too...=P
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yup that is it! it worked not so good(error because it didn't remove a file first) so i just fixed error with batch file and made exe of it but the code shows how to use some microsoft tools to make it without restart and replace everything ;)
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