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DreamScene Activator

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DreamScene Activator is a freeware from door2windows that allows you to activate DreamScene in all editions of Windows 7 & Vista. This freeware is the only freeware on the net that has the desktop text bug fixed.

DreamScene is a feature that allows users to set any video in WMV/MPG format as the desktop wallpaper. This feature was only included in Windows Vista Ultimate Edition.

How to use:

  1. Run the tool as administrator.

  2. Click the slider. Wait until it says ON.

  3. Right-Click on any video in WMV/MPG format and select Set as DreamScene.
If you run this app for the first time then restart your PC. Now the video that you selected will be set as the desktop wallpaper.

You can find nice DreamScenes here.
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Amanda-KulpProfessional Digital Artist
Do they have something like this on Windows 10?
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Here is the direct link from the author's website…
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Bonjour a toutes et tous, Pierre.
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AlkraasProfessional Digital Artist
uhm, can someone help me? My text on the icons get transparent and it WON'T go back to normal, no matter what technique I use.
I already tried setting it to 'fill'
I already tried going to AppData and into the folder 'dreamscenes', making the hidden image unhidden and to read only. Setting both to Desktop Background and also setting to fill.
Nothing works, seriously.
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Try turning off, waiting & turning on again.
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AlkraasProfessional Digital Artist
Tried it, but it didn't work, thanks for the reply tough
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OkashiDaHobbyist General Artist
5 years later, has anyone figured out a way to use this for win 8? I'd be very happy to have my desktop back on my new Lappy XD
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i just downloaded it and installed it with no problem whatsoever, i rebooted and then started it as admin, no error messages, and then i set a WMV video as Dreamscene, but it doesnt play, my desktop is just black, and the "play Dreamscene" is greyed out, ive tried with a 56 second WMV, a 26 and a 6 second, none of them works, im running Windows 7 64bit Ultimate.

EDIT: nevermind, rebooting my PC again fixed it it seems like...
awesome program runs smooth(once i got it to work XD)
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Any chance for a version not hosted by someone trying to install malware with the installer? It's trying to install a shit load of it.
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In the thank you for downloading page, scroll down and click Direct Download.
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zcherusProfessional Artist
and this one seems to be clean version windows-7-dreamscene-activator…
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hey i ran this and explorer.exe is giving me problems. all of a sudden i cant even open windows explorer in 64 bit win 7.... does anyone know how to fix this problem? how can i reverse registry changes and undo this app?
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Any chance for a windows 8.1 version?
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The current method isn't working with Windows 8, didn't investigate why. If a tutorial for W8 crops up anywhere, I'll make an app.
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Alright cool. There is a program for it;…
But it's not great, very laggy and the desktop icons get messed up. 
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That's not DreamScene. It's some app someone made which changes the wallpaper constantly to frames of the video which explains why it isn't stable. DreamScene was developed by Microsoft for Windows Vista.

You can even try this:…
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I've actually tried that but I couldn't get it to work for some reason. It would never apply to my desktop and I honestly have no idea why.

Do you have any opinion on Deskscape 8 by Stardock?…

Thanks for the info and help ^^.
Kishan-Bagaria's avatar
Stardock is a nice company, I think Deskscape should satisfy your needs.
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Would you mind making Windows 8.1 version? I loved the activator, but cannot use it now, what a shame! amazing work so far btw!
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If i may ask,does this work on Windows 8?I don't want to mess up my new computer..
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Nope, sorry.
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Okay,just asking.Thanks.
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