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7 Show Desktop Button Remover

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Windows 7 Show Desktop Button Remover is a free tiny portable tool that removes the show desktop button (at the right-corner of the taskbar) in Windows 7.

How to use:

Just run the tool as administrator and click Remove Show Desktop Button. Now the show desktop button will be removed.
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since i restarted the computer, the show desktop button shows again, what do i want to do now
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hi!, did you have a tool for change the look of show desktop button and the arrow next to the clock, and by the way the look of the clock too? thankkkkiuuuu!!
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No sorry.

I think that can only be changed by the theme. You can try theme building using Windows Style Builder or ask a themer to do it for you.
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GREAT!! I'll try Windows Style Builder to change the taskbar to my way. thanks!
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I removed the button, but then i restored it with command line. But the app still thinks the button is removed, is there any way to reset the settings of the app so i can remove it again?
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Run this from command line:
REG DELETE HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run /v RemoveShowDesktopButton /f
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work it in w7 x64 :)
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Pretty useless as the button disappears (only HALF of it) for a while but comes back every time .-. Also, it pretty much fd up my explorer..... nice one.
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It only makes it smaller...
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LazerFlipHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice, but the button reappears all the time. I couldn't find W7SDBR.exe which you were talking about in other comments.
Thanks :)
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I love it!
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All of your projects that were linked to Win2Doors no longer work. They all give a 404 error when downloading.
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Yeah,that is true.
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scarygiraffes22Hobbyist Digital Artist
would you mind modifying it for vertical taskbars and for tablet pc's? since i have a tablet installed, windows makes the button fatter, so it was only moved half off the screen D:..
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SaruSakeStudent Interface Designer
It's not working for me anymore maybe because of sp1. But when i run it it does remove the show desktop button but after like maybe 30 seconds the button reappears.
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Dead4meHobbyist General Artist
It you click om the show hidden icons carrot the space will reappear to the right of the clock. :(
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Dead4meHobbyist General Artist
Much better now, this will look much better on my laptop's smaller screen. :)
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Dead4meHobbyist General Artist
I really love the app, and some of the others I have tried. I hope the new version is available soon as I like many others would love to have the clock, and such moved over were the button was. smaller screens can use all the taskbar space they can get.
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Perfect thanks !!!
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Make a program which let the Rocketdock or Objectdock app to stay when you press the "Show desktop button"?
- Yes, I know WINDOWS BUTTON + M will work, but it feels a little bit bad, if you see what I mean? Would be awesome. And Kishan, you're programs are awesome, and your replies are always fast, keep it up dude!
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