Kiseki OneShot Competition (**IMPORTANT UPDATED**)

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:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:KISEKI ONESHOT COMPETITION:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

Do you want to be published in Australia’s one and only Manga Magazine? Would you like to see your work in Print? Kiseki Manga Magazine is currently sold nationwide, including at Borders Bookstore Australia and over 40 stores.

Send us your Original Oneshot. Winners will be published and promoted in KISEKI Manga Magazine. Runner ups and notable contestants will be Featured and promoted by Kiseki Manga at, and featured in an upcoming issue of Kiseki Manga Magazine.

The page limit for the oneshot is between 15-20 pages. We are looking for SIMPLE and WELL TOLD stories contained in one chapter. To make a good oneshot within 20 pages, you will need to involve the three attributes in all successful Manga: exceptional Storytelling, Panelling, and Creativity.



:bulletblue:Submission Deadline::bulletblue: 31st of March 2011 (The Competition will officially end on Midnight South Australian Time, Australia. GMT +9:30)

:bulletblue:Eligibility::bulletblue: Open to Australian and NZ residents only.

1. We are mainly looking for Japanese-styled manga. Digital submissions preferred.
2. Provide contact information along with your submission: (Name, Age, Contact number, E-mail Address, City/State, etc.) This information is for Kiseki Manga only, your details will be kept confidential.
3. Selected Artists will have their work published in Kiseki Manga Magazine. You will retain all rights, and intellectual property to your submitted work and a) grant the rights to Kiseki to reproduce the copyrighted material in copies, (b) the right to distribute these copies of the copyrighted Material to the public, (c) the right to display the copyrighted work publicly and (d) the right to market it and use it for advertising materials (A Submissions for One Shot Agreement will be made available)
4. All manga must be original and not fan art or copied from other people’s work.
5. All manga must not have been licensed or published in any form.
6. No explicit or sexual content will be accepted.
7. With the font, we recommend you use Wild Words or Animeace.
8. All manga must be right to left.
9. The magazine will be 180mm x 255mm and a 3mm Bleed around.
10. One color page is allowed to be used and has to be the introduction page in the manga.
11. Keep in mind if you are published, that even pages (pages on the right of the magazine) need to have at least an EXTRA 12mm bleed on the left and odd pages (pages on the left of the magazine)need to have at least an EXTRA 12mm bleed on the right.
12. With double page spreads, the same bleed rules apply. YOU must make sure that the double page spread needs to be adjacent pages and therefore, begin as an even page(right of the magazine)
13. The manga should be at 600dpi but it is acceptable to send the manga at a low-res initially. The 600 dpi versions will be asked if you are published.
14. If you have chosen Toning. it is important to know that the process you have chosen affects how much work you may have to redo if your submission is published. Manga studio is the primary choice, Photoshop is acceptable but this will have to be print tested. You can always print test yourself to check if your tones are working properly.
15. All submitted Mangas following the approved guidelines will be receive promotion via the Kiseki main website (

:bulletred::bulletred:METHOD OF SENDING:bulletred::bulletred:

Do not send us your original art as we are not responsible for the safe return of your artwork. Make sure you keep your originals and send us your digital images on CD/DVD.
We accept electronic or paper submissions.

You can mail this to:

PO BOX 1212, Kensington Gardens 5068
South Australia, Australia

OR email to

*UPDATED* ==> It is 180 x 255mm PORTRAIT and please re read the bleeds instructions. Thanks :)

Since there has been some confusion and typos on our part, here is the jpeg for the dimensions. We hope it makes it all clear!

© 2011 - 2021 KisekiManga
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konoha4dawin's avatar
lol, I would've entered if I knew earlier . . .and if I could actually draw well enough for a magazine.
lol "I will get published through u guys some day, some way!!!" >:'D
Melbourne-Cha's avatar
Does the colour page need to be the first page? Because, if I could, I would prefer to have it as the 4th page, because the 3ed and 4th pages are where I've put the titles
KisekiManga's avatar
nope it can be on the 4th page if you like :)
SSDrWh0's avatar
I made it in time :D

About to send it off after the images gets made into jpegs
KisekiManga's avatar
awesome stuff! xD
SSDrWh0's avatar
if u hvn't got my email, I sent my entry thru mail.
Luna-ire's avatar
Is one allowed to enter if one is not a resident or citizen of Australia?
PrincessOfSlavs's avatar
I have finished my Flora Manga its a one-shot 20 pages 1st page coloured... should I do a cover art???
Also sorry I didnt tell you early TAFE/studies etc...
I'm not sure about this bleed around thing yet I used A4 paper, Faber-Castell 8 pitt artist pen manga set, Photoshop CS5 font wild words
I still have the original line-arts if I have to redo toning but I actually think I have done a good job
This is my second go at doing a Manga first go old style and fail lol...
So do you like it??? is pg.10 actuable or will I have to cut it from Manga? Thankyou so very much and please reply :D :)
KisekiManga's avatar
hey sorry for the late reply! >< send the whole pack to for us to have a closer look :)

No need for a cover art, just the color page you already have.
PrincessOfSlavs's avatar
okay I sent it to your gmail account :)
aruachan's avatar
This sounds like a lot of fun! I've got a quick question about style: is alright if we color our work in black and gray instead of toning it? And does lineart have to be inked digitally, or is traditional/tight pencils acceptable?

Thank you for your time! (*^-^*)
CherishInnocence's avatar
Awww, it's such a shame that I can't enter since I live in Canada, but good look to all of the participants! (: Do you happen to know any contests like this available for people living in Canada? Thanks so much!
KisekiManga's avatar
haha we have the kiseki winter comp for illustrations :)
CherishInnocence's avatar
Oooh, do you know where I could find that? Do you have a link by any chance? :) Thanks so much!
SakuraBellStudios's avatar
i might do this... i don't know?

ill see how much time i have?
Melbourne-Cha's avatar
Does it have to begin on an odd or even page? I'm a little unsure
KisekiManga's avatar
We prefer that it start on an odd page xD you just have to more aware of the double spreads if you use them (as they have to start on an even page)
Melbourne-Cha's avatar
ok, thanks for the info ^^
kawaiiamethist's avatar
I've acquired Manga Studio and the dummy's guide; can the software set up pages to your printing rules?
KisekiManga's avatar
Yup they can. You can create your own template on there xD
kawaiiamethist's avatar
Once I get to this template business in a few days, I'll take a screenshot and link you up so you can see if all my settings are correct :) I'm very much a set it and forget it person, so getting it right the first time is my priority.
KisekiManga's avatar
awesome stuff kawaii xD
RadenWA's avatar
Now I wonder, with this 3 mm bleed around the edges for surely we should leave it blank since it will not be printed in the real magazine, but how about the 12 mm gutter on the centre of the spreadpage? Is it okay to have the drawings extended to over there, as long as there's no particular important elements there or should it be left totally blank?
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