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A group that for all thing Kisekage with no submission limts
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Happy Birthday Chiyu 2022 by roseprincessmitia
Respects to Queen Elizabeth the second by roseprincessmitia
Thier Soft Breasts by LXC808
New life {Tg/Tf Story}It was another boring day for Magic as he walked to prison or as others call it school. He dont like it there as he didn't have many friends and wanted to be home more and watch TV or draw art.But this day should be different then others even if Magic didn't have any idea that something interesting would happen today.Magic walked to the entrance to his school while he met one of his friends. He stopped to have a chat with him before he got to lockers to grab his stuff.,"Hey Magic where were you last night? We all gathered for a game of dnd but you didn't come." Asked Jeff as he wanted to know why Magic didn't come and join their small party."I'm sorry Jeff I was shopping with mom and then I…just lay in bed and slept the rest of the day." Said Magic nervously and was sure he didn't tell the whole truth.Jeff looked at them and then he smiled "You don't have to lie to me pal I know you were again drawing that cat girl of yours. I'm not angry but next time I will join us it will be fun I swear."Magic nodded but they couldn't talk more as Riggin told them that school starts soon. "Ohh shit I need to go grab my school stuff. Bye Jeff." Said Magid as he runned into the locker room.,Magic rushed to lockers but as he opened his locker he was surprised and inside his locker was put a pink balloon.Magic looked at it for a moment thinking if it was a gift from someone who liked him or if someone wanted to prank him with this.He finally pulled his hand to it as he needed to push it away to get to his school things.,When the Magic touches the balloon it immediately pops. Scaring him as he didn't expect that to happen.Balloon was filled with pink dust that dropped on Magic's hoodie and hands. More irritating was that all his school things were covered too.,"I should know its prank and now everything is covered by this pink dust!" Magic slightly yells as this makes him angry.Instead of getting to his class he went to the toilet as he wanted to get rid of dust on him as fast as he could.Unlucky for him, while he was moving to the toilets he met his teacher.,"Mister Magic, what are you doing here? you should be in your class. You need a good explanation or I will put your name on the detention list." She said with the awaited explanation from Magic."I'm sorry , Miss teacher but as you can see I'm covered by this pink dust and I need to use the bathroom to get rid of it. And it's not my fault again I got pranked by someone." Said Magic nervously."Well in this matter you can use the bathroom and I will go to class but don't be there too long." Said the teacher and let him go.Magic got into the toilet to wash his hands but he was surprised and shocked by what he saw in the mirror.He looked different. Tips of his hair were slightly brighter than the rest of his hair. Maybe this wouldn't be so alarming for Magic but there was more shocking things. He got freaking tits. They were small but he got them. Also his face looked more girly than before.,"Ohhh shit!!!" He yelled as he touched them. Luckily there was no one else in the bathroom thanks to classes already starting."What's happening to me? Could that dust do that?" He thought aloud as he washed the rest of the dust from his clothes.He went back to his class and strangely no one noticed any changes that were happening to him. "Phew I'm lucky others are busy with writing or I don't know how to explain my tits." He thinks for himself as he writes notes into his book.As he was focused on writing notes into his school book he totally missed that his hoodie changed color and that his hair looked different.,Magic was getting more and more freaked out by changes that were happening to him but strangely no one else did not register that there was something happening with him.Magic felt a strange burning sensation in his chest crotch. He thinked about the worst that could happen and he was right as he touched his crotch and felt as if his member was slowly shrinking until it totally slid into his crotch and he was sure that his balls got sucked in too.Magic suddenly realized that he is a girl and her slowly growing breasts were a good point to it too. Her zipper on her hoodie slightly slid down as Magic's growing breasts were too much for being pulled to the top.,"This must be a really bad dream," she thought to herself as she examined her new look.She still cannot believe it so she tried to think deeply about it until the end of last class.Magic took her things and went to lockers where get approached by a guy that never spoke with them before as he always just made fun of them but now he looked friendly.,"Hey there magic, I'm waiting here to see ya. I also wanted to talk with you about something…would you like to go somewhere? It doesn't have to be today but someday."Magic looked at him nervously and thought to himself "Is he really asking me if I go on a date with him…what I should do!!! Think…think…" Magic nervously answered."Ummm…yeah that would be nice but today I need to prepare for the test so we can discuss more details tomorrow. " Guy smiled "That's awesome, see ya tomorrow" he said as he walked home.Magic took the rest of her things and went home.,Home Magic was thinking about everything that happened today. Her change and that guy asking her out. It was totally crazy. "This is just a dream and when I wake up I will be normal again," she talked for herself. "Why don't you like it? You are popular now!" Someone spoke behind magic and when she turned around she was shocked.,"Riana!!!" Yelled Magic as this surprised her even more."Yup that's me." She chuckled. "That can't be real, you are just an oc. " Said magic. "Oohh that's rude, I'm real as you can see with your own eyes." She said."Then why are you here?" Magic asked, unsure if she had totally gone crazy.,"I'm here to help you silly." Riana said as she moved closer to magic."Help me?" Asked magic nervously as this made no sense to her."I'm here to help you be more like me…well I help you be me." Riana said and with a quick pull she made ears sprout on Magic's head and then she pulled the tail from his back.,"This can't be real…right?" Asked magic as she touches her new ears."Trust me it's really real but this is not the end." Said Riana and chuckled.Magic felt pressure building in her chest and for several moments her chest grew significantly. Her zipper opened completely revealing that she dont have any kind of shirt or bra under her hoodie.Then her shorts started to change as it was really shorter than it was before. Now they revealed nearly all of her legs.,"This is so strange," Said Magic as she blushed as she looked at her big cleavage."You get used to it…but why not have them bigger. "Said riana.Magic breasts grow even more looking like two gigantic melons now. It made the magic blush even more and she put hands over them to cover herself as she felt like being topless.,"Can you stop and turn me back please?" Asked magic as she wanted a guy again."Don't worry, soon you will feel good and swear and all your old life will be just a dream." Said Riana while she smiled."What i don't wanna be…" magic wanted to say more but she started to feel dizzy and she collapsed on the ground and she fell asleep.Inside her mind, normal magic looked around confused if he was finally free of that bad dream.,"Hello, is someone here?" He yelled as he looked around white empty space he locked in.,Suddenly his riana self appeared."Hey cutie it seems you lost right? Don't worry I make you feel good." Said his riana self in his mind.,"I don't want to feel good, I want to go out…wait what you did with my voice and hair?" Asked magic nervously as he felt breasts appear on his chest and that he sounded girly and had pink hair."I told you that I make you feel good and soon you will be as nice as me." Said Riana's self in his mind.,Magic felt as her hoodie got shorter to match Riana's and she knew it was not good for her.Magic chest again grows, making his chest bigger.,"I command you to stop this. This is my mind so you will have to obey me." Yell magic at Riana.She smiled "Ohhh really then I will show you who's mind this is now." She said,Magic felt as her chest grew more and as her jenst changed into shorts. She started to feel slightly warm.,"Please stop." Said magic as she was scared.She put her hands on her crotch as she felt it was on fire. Her chest grows to the size of a riana. She grow cat ears and tail just like riana had them.,"Why…it's so hard to think…and why am I so hot?" She asked as she put her hands on her head."Don't worry, cutie , soon you will feel good and I'm kind of jealous you've gotten bigger than me." Riana chuckled as magic breasts grew bigger than hers. Magic shorts got super short as her hoodie shrunk to just barely cover her big breasts.,Magic couldn't resist the urges anymore and she started to rub her crotch. It felt so good so she dont mind that her clothes changed into super slutty underwear."So you like your look?" Asked riana."I…don't like it, I just need to…lower these urges." Magic said as she rubbed her crotch."Dont lie to me." Said riana."I…don't like it...I…i…I…love it. Yes I love it." She yelled as her breast grew and she started to lose herself. ,"So magic are you happy with your look?" asked Riana ."Yes I totally love it, thanks for asking" said magic happily."Then it's done so bye and enjoy waking up from this dream of being a guy." She said and all faded to white.,Magic lay on the ground wearing nothing more than just a super skimpy bra that doesn't cover much of her gigantic breasts.She woke up and got up and everything seemed normal to her. No trace of any remaining things that would remind her that she was male but she won't remember that she thought she was a girl her whole life.As she got up her mobile rang.,She took and looked at who was sending her message. One of Magics' school mates just invited her on a date.She happily accepted and her new life began.
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Kaibot 1.0 by xenovia

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Estella Rhym - OC'2022 by SomeBodyKares1

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Danae Littlelove - OC'2022 by SomeBodyKares1

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Chisana Fuego - OC'2022 by SomeBodyKares1
Slutty Video log #001Video log #001Subject: Bimbus Florencis also known as bimbo flowerEffects: Flower release pink pollen that has an effect on people's mind and body. Most people affected by pollen described that libido took over and they don't think about anything else then sex and lewdy things.Body's of affected persons change to attract more mates for fun. Bigger busts and butts are common changes, with a more bubbly personality.Test subjects: Skelly and Riana,Skelly: Look Riana this is Bimbus Florencis a special flower that turns anyone who would exhale its pollen into bimbos.Riana: So why are we so close to it?Skelly: Don't worry it doesn't shoot up its pollen until someone touches it or it's breeding season when it needs to send its seeds to other locations.Suddenly as Skelly finished her sentence flower spurts tons of pollen around skelly and Riana.,Skelly: this is…unexpected…try to not breathe too much of them.Riana: That's easy to say but we are standing right in the middle of a pollen cloud!!Skelly: I know try to stay calm.After several seconds the pollen cloud disappears into all sides. And Skelly and Riana could feel much safer now.,Skelly: So how do you feel? Any changes in mood or with your body?Riana: I think not…I just feel kinda warm and you look like you are getting heated up too.Skelly: Yeah I'm starting to feel warm too.,Riana's breasts started to slowly grow and she could feel them rub against the fabric of her bra.Skelly: Do only I see it but isn't your chest a little bigger?Riana: It seems so…but somehow it feels nice and kinda hot.,Skelly's breasts started to grow too making her top feel slightly tight. Luckily her and Riana's tops started to morph into more skimpy ones.Skelly: My own breasts grow too!! I liked the size I had.Riana: I must say they look better this way. ,Skelly's breasts keep growing while her top gets even skimpier. Riana's breasts slightly grow too.Skelly: No, they keep growing. Riana fights it and doesn't let lust control you.Riana: Come on Skelly enjoy it.Riana slowly approached Skelly and suddenly she kicked the flower making it spit its pollen again.,Skelly: Riana what did you do?!?Riana: I want you to feel as awesome as I feel.Skelly breathed pollen into her system and it again started to affect her body and this time even the brain.,Skelly: omg…I feel like my crotch is burning.Her and Riana's clothes shrunk exposing even more of their sexy skin. Their boobs and butt's grow , making them look extremely hot. Skelly's hair started to look more bright as she turned into a lusty bimbo.,Skelly: Hey there hot stuff~ Would you like to have some fun?~Riana: I would totally love that~Skelly pulls Riana close and rubs her boobs. Making riana extremely aroused.,Skelly: Now to get to my place and have a ton of fun. Lewdy fun~Riana: I can't wait~ {END OF THE VIDEO FOOTAGE}
Star is ready to dance by Artistic-Skelly
Another skelly tf by Artistic-Skelly
Time to work {Tf} by Artistic-Skelly
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Magical Warrior Thier Dauchez by LXC808
Mortimer the Eternal by NekoLover3000
Ginesis the Primal Cyborg by NekoLover3000
[Kisekae] ''Spawn to Old Man (Challenge)'' by Shira-R
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Polly On Stage 3 by thrashbandicoot01
Happy Birthday, Shizuka! (Blueverse) by AlexArgentin
Happy Birthday, Shizuka! by AlexArgentin
Homenaje a las Victimas del Terremoto en CDMX by AlexArgentin
Who's the Mom? by eppuzoha
I'm Proud Of You by thrashbandicoot01
Happy Birthday, Quintuplets! (Blueverse) by AlexArgentin
Happy Birthday, Quintuplets! by AlexArgentin

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Galbray - the Fantasia Clique by richort12
Guide 4 Panel - Page 5 by KisekaeJade

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The Nephi + Tabia Chronicles - 3 - 1st Victim by YoungLink777
Akio messed up -1- Xmas Gift for RoseJigglypuff76 by YoungLink777
Age Progression
Blake turns into cute girl by Artistic-Skelly
Gender Transformation
10/04/2022 by xenovia
Age and Gender Transformation
Bimbo Craft by Artistic-Skelly
Chose their Fates

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New Year Renata growth (start) by Radikal90
Prop and background
Comedy Club by SomeBodyKares1
Question and Answer
The Half-Genie Gang - Interactions Open! by ScarletRockstar
Adoption 6 [Open] by Greekjogurt

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Mature Content


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She got connections by jpop52
[Kisekae] ''The Normal-Chan Challenge'' by Shira-R
DEATH X FAMILY by TF-SquareSting
Bring it to life, Give Life, Create a Character
MGGN: Character 4 - Episode 15 by eppuzoha

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Year Of The Tiger by JustPervyStuff

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Bringing out his feminine side 2 by jpop52
Jonathan Joestar Kisekae export code by ShannaHeart
kkae . fnaf at freddys that's where u wanna be by reb-kae

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Summer Contest Close
Summer Heat by Mokeko
Devious Folder
He watches over by ShannaHeart
Hello and welcome to the first collab ever on DeviantArt, where you can make The Cubit Teams in your own Kisekae style, if the person made the best Kisekae style gets $1,000,000,000....

....I'm totally kidding, they can't just earn money after the collab was finally done, I actually meant that to people who join the collab must follow the rules before you join

Rule #1: Don't mess up the hairstyles or the outfits
Rule #2: Don't try to claim one of my OCs as your own
Rule #3: Make sure the number of characters is gonna be 3 to 9 so people so that other people can join if the feel like it
Rule #4: No NSFW content
Rule #5: If people are finished with the characters, don't try to steal them and claim that you made them
Rule #6: Make sure the characters are the same as the picture
Rule #7: Don't pick the characters that are already taken
Rule #8: You must credit me for my OCs

NOTE: You guys are free to add some details and some other accessories

Here is a picture of what they look like, but please click the picture to look are the names in the description


Q: When is this gonna be closed
A: When people finished all of the characters

Q: How come you can't do them yourself
A: Because my laptop doesn't work on me anymore (´;︵;`)

Q: Is this seriously a collab
A: Yes it is

Q: What details are you talking about
A: You know, the shades, the handheld stuff (like the bamboo or a microphone), duh

People Who Joined (And Picked Some Characters ʘ‿ʘ)


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