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1.anyone is welcome to join this group

2.please submit to the right folder

3.The submission 15 pic at a time

4.feature submission limit is once a week

5. if you have a question send a note to an admins kind to everyone

7. we don't accept art thief

8.Mature pictures must be tagged as so

9. No role playing and putting export code in the comment

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A group that for all thing Kisekage with no submission limts
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May 1, 2015


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Hello and welcome to the first collab ever on DeviantArt, where you can make The Cubit Teams in your own Kisekae style, if the person made the best Kisekae style gets $1,000,000,000....

....I'm totally kidding, they can't just earn money after the collab was finally done, I actually meant that to people who join the collab must follow the rules before you join

Rule #1: Don't mess up the hairstyles or the outfits
Rule #2: Don't try to claim one of my OCs as your own
Rule #3: Make sure the number of characters is gonna be 3 to 9 so people so that other people can join if the feel like it
Rule #4: No NSFW content
Rule #5: If people are finished with the characters, don't try to steal them and claim that you made them
Rule #6: Make sure the characters are the same as the picture
Rule #7: Don't pick the characters that are already taken
Rule #8: You must credit me for my OCs

NOTE: You guys are free to add some details and some other accessories

Here is a picture of what they look like, but please click the picture to look are the names in the description


Q: When is this gonna be closed
A: When people finished all of the characters

Q: How come you can't do them yourself
A: Because my laptop doesn't work on me anymore (´;︵;`)

Q: Is this seriously a collab
A: Yes it is

Q: What details are you talking about
A: You know, the shades, the handheld stuff (like the bamboo or a microphone), duh

People Who Joined (And Picked Some Characters ʘ‿ʘ)


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