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Does anybody have any ideas about how to pose characters for a piggyback ride? I am trying to create an image where a kid is being carried in this way and I am struggling to figure it out.

For the legs, use those sitting poses (with the open legs).

As for the arms, you can use the extra arms in the extra tab.

I'm thinking a separate art program may be necessary, but your tip about the extra arms has given me some ideas.

No, it's doable without an extra program.

I've done it before. I never use extra programs.

Nimitz-Class Missile Launcher (Down) by Gunturblakeisback
I accidentally put this props in the wrong folder. I was planning to submit this in props but I accidentally submit this in single.
Would love to share codes with everyone-which folder would I upload to?  Thanks
does anyone know how to use it now that flash is no longer supported?