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Star Wars: Huntress - Chapter Five
The trunk snapped shut with a click as Keth closed the lid.  It was small as far as luggage went, especially considering how long he would be away on assignment.  In fact, it was quite possible the room he had come to call his own these last ten years would soon be occupied by someone else entirely, likely a fresh Padawan eager to learn the ways of the Jedi under their new master.  Such was the way of things at the Temple.
 Keth sighed, standing over his belongings.  Nothing within his luggage could really be argued as possessions, as that went against the Jedi philosophy of remaining detached from all things save the Force.  A few spare garments to be worn, some reading material on loan from the Temple library (he had asked permission, of course), and, perhaps most importantly, the newly acquired ja’vaa’na given by his friend Syal.  This he wore over his right collar bone with an odd dichotomy between humility and pride.  Though he w
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Star Wars: Huntress - Chapter Four
The sonorous voice of Jedi Master Kooloon filled the entire Conference chamber.  The Ithorian's twin mouths on either side of his neck spoke separately, giving his words a stereophonic quality.  It was a difficult language to learn for most non-Ithorians, but for Keth and many of his Jedi comrades, living with Masters like Kooloon had made it practically second nature.
"And so, fellow Councilmen," the Hammerhead spoke, black eyes drooping with a deceptively exhausted look.  Keth, of course, knew better.  "We are here convened to appoint our new Brother upon his Path.  Knight Qol'mar, please step to the dais."
Keth had barely made to the ceremony before the last few stragglers of the Jedi Council had themselves arrived.  Master Hemmeth had been last, the faintest trace of a haggard panting to his breath as he strode through the chamber doors.  To his relief, none of the Masters had given note to his tardiness, nor that he was still in his
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Star Wars: Huntress - Chapter Three

The door chime buzzed.  Keth lay sprawled on his cot.  His arm lay over his eyes, the pressure on his face bringing small comfort.  He hadn't bothered to turn on any lights, much less change out of his ceremonial robes.  
"No.  Go away," he called.
The door buzzed more persistently.
Keth groaned.  It hadn't even been an hour since his meetup with Amaranda, and the abrupt - and strange - ending to that left him confused, concerned, and in positively no mood for whom he knew was standing outside his dorm.
"I said 'no,' Syal."
Bright light from the hallway cut through the darkness as the door swished open.  Keth cursed silently at himself for forgetting to lock it.
"You are having an odd way of celebration to your Knighthood, sessna," squeaked the small figure leaning on the door frame.  Keth cracked an eye and peeked at the Padawan from under his arm.  Completely furry from head to foot, the Chadra-Fan were almost comical in
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Star Wars: Huntress - Chapter Two
The soft song of a Trelili bird filled Keth's ears as he entered the Gardens.  A medium sized alcove in the middle of the Jedi Temple, it's roofless top granted much needed sunlight to the topiary growing within.  Moisture from the humid air already began to cling to him, his woolen Jedi robes not helping in the slightest.  
After searching in the Jedi dormitory for his recently made ex-Master, Keth found his suspicions were correct.  
Amaranda's violet hair brushed the stone tile beneath her as she stood on one hand, bare feet pointed upward.  Eyes closed, she was lost in deep meditation.  Her face, normally a light shade of pink, was flushed a darker magenta.  Been here quite a while, he mused.  It was to her credit that she remained perfectly still, as though her bright colored skin and odd stance was perfectly at home in her surrounding environment.
She came here often to meditate, frequently choosing poses and exercises such as this t
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Star Wars: Huntress - Chapter One
== PART ONE : Trials ==
Chapter One
Ten years later
The acrid smell of burning hair flooded Keth's nose.  He gave no reaction however as he remained kneeling among the cadre of the Jedi Council.  The hiss-click of a deactivating lightsaber rang in his ears, ushering in complete silence.
"You are Padawan no longer, Keth Qol'mar," announced the gravelly voice of Master Qw'sh from behind him.  "Rise, Knight of the Jedi Order, and stand among your brethren."
Well, he thought to himself, That was that. 
He opened his eyes and stood, hand immediately taken by the closest Master, Hemmeth, who clasped Keth's arm with three of his and shaking it vigorously.  "You'll do just fine, Keth.  Just fine!  Congratulations."
"Thank you, Master Hemmeth," Keth managed to stammer before Hemmeth moved along, quickly being replaced with another Council member.  The line was thankfully short.
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Star Wars: Huntress - Prologue
"Do you know why you are here?"
The child flinched, but did not answer.  The burning split on her lip served as a reminder of the last time she misspoke.  She kept still, her stiff knees aching as she remained kneeling on the floor.  The small room was poorly lit, but she daren't look up at the figure circling her, as a beast would its dying prey.
"You are here," her Master cooed, "Because I will it.  You are here because I wish you to learn.  You are here, girl..."
The voice whispered into her ear as her master leaned in close, "Because it pleases me."
The heat of his breath sent shivers down her spine.  Every muscle tightened under the weight of his imposing presence.  She fought the anxiety boiling in her chest.  Her first few months here would have seen her break up in fearful sobs, but her tears have long since dried up.  If he could sense her discomfort, he did not say.  Eventually, she sensed him withd
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Cassowary Clare and the Stone Heart - Chapter Two
    Shards of tile and concrete flew around Cass as a hex blasted into the building.  She yipped as it nearly sent her careening over the edge.  She jumped back just in time to receive a face full of debris.  Returning the favor by sending a disarming spell to Carrow - even though it missed - Cass scrambled to her feet to make away.  
    Her heart was pounding in her chest, harder than anything she could remember.  Yet she had no time to process the horror of the thing she had just lay witness to, but she couldn't shake the immense feeling of sheer terror clouding her thoughts and senses.  Another blast hit the tile in front of her.  She made a fortunate dodge over it and kept running.  
    The distinct pop of an Apperation could be heard on the roof behind her, quickly followed by another.  "Get her!" came the cry.  Macnair and Carrow
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Music of the Storm
    a rhythm of falling drops
dancing on the windowed panes
    music plays from the sky
a tepid earth sings its fill
    the cycle starts, wondrous chords
composition of labored love
    a tune of growth beneath
sprouting of a brand new song
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Contest! Cassowary Clare One-shot (HP fanfic)
    Cass aimed her wand at the back of his head.  The eucalyptus was smooth under her tight grasp, but it didn't stop it from hurting. He was distracted, focused on the corner of a large painting.  A gaggle of people were there within the portrait.  They, too, began to look down at the corner he stared at, curious to what was drawing his attention there.  A slight tremble shook her wrist as she gathered her courage to do what she must. 
    Make it quick, she thought, trying to calm her breathing.  Just so long as he doesn't notice.
    She caught the eye of the Headmistress from the corner of the chamber, giving a slight nod of approval.  Pity was heavy in McGonagall's look.  She knew this would hurt.
    "Don't," Tristan said suddenly.  He didn't move, but Cass now noticed the tightness in his posture.  Was it always there?  "You don't have the right."
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Cassowary Clare and the Stone Heart - Chapter One
    A flash of light filled the alleyway, briefly chasing out the shadows and darkness the night always brought to the city. Another flash, just as brief, followed by the sound of a winding click. Flash.
    Tristan Matthews stepped over a fallen garbage pail, camera in hand. His eyes, bright and alert, scanned the alley. Careful not to step on any of the refuse, or lose his camera in it, he maintained a slow and steady pace over the spilled trash. A cat scrambled from the large pile of bags, darting down the path ahead. Tristan was unfazed; he was focused on the investigation at hand.
    Bringing the camera up again to take another picture, the bulb brightly flashed, filling the area of his shot with light and capturing every detail. If he missed any evidence in his initial sweep, he could comb over it more thoroughly in the pictures he took. Winding the film roll, whose rapid clicking noise fi
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Explosive Imagination - unaltered by Kisaoda Explosive Imagination - unaltered :iconkisaoda:Kisaoda 0 0

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Oh hai. Glad that you found me. I enjoy writing and do perler beads projects as a hobby. There's not much to look at yet, but the collection is slowly but surely growing. My current obsession happens to revolve around Harry Potter and Star Wars, and my fanfictions with Cassowary Clare and Rend show it. If you read them, I hope you enjoy!



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