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The Dragon Girl by Kisami14
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Vincent Valentine x Reader: Nightmares
Vincent Valentine x Reader: Nightmares
  Your sleeping form tossed and turned on the bed. Your brain recently decided that it hated you and was now giving you terrifying nightmares. This one had to be the worst one yet. You had been captured by Hojo and subjected to experiments. Just as you thought that he had gotten bored of you and wanted to kill you, Vincent appeared and tried to save you. You were forced to watch in horror as your love was viciously beaten by Hojo and his monsters.
  The worst part was when Vincent lost his grip on Cerberus and was left wide open to attacks. Hojo took the opportunity to finish him off. His eyes flashed to you for one last moment as his final breath slipped from his lungs. You cried out to him as his lifeless body made harsh contact with the floor. You were too caught up with sobbing to notice Hojo advancing menacingly towards you. You felt a prick in your neck and got a brief glimpse of a needle containing some unidentifiable liquid.
:iconeshucreature:EshuCreature 292 282
Vincent Valentine x Reader: Please come out...
Vincent Valentine x Reader: Please Come out...
  You sighed as you sat in the cold and gloomy basement of a mansion. You zipped-up your coat further and tried not to let the cold get to you. Your gaze settled on the nearby coffin. Although the lid was shut, you knew that Vincent was in there. You and Vincent had been friends for a long time, but he had been acting different lately. He seemed to be more distant than usual as of late and would hardly spend any time with you. 
  You scooted closer to the coffin and rested your arms on it. Sitting in this basement had become almost like a habit for you. This was the only way that you could really spend time with him any more. It wasn't very effective though, given that he would never leave the coffin. Every now and then he would crack it open, but that was only to tell you to go home. Most would see that as him being cold and unwelcoming, but you could tell that he was really just trying to look out for you. He didn't want y
:iconeshucreature:EshuCreature 227 36
Shouto Todoroki X Reader [Scared]
“That explains why you’re so afraid of spiders.”
With a nod, you found yourself moving a little closer to Shouto’s left side. His arm was curled over your shoulder, pulling you closer as you both lay across the fuzzy comforter of your bed. When you had moved into the dorms, it was the one thing you definitely couldn’t go without. And for times like this, when you were cradled in the protective embrace of your boyfriend, you were thankful you had grabbed it. It held lots of memories of home, as well as new memories.
“They aren’t the only thing I’m afraid of, I’m afraid of lots of things,” you giggled quietly, hand moving to splay across the span of his wide chest, head tucked beneath his chin. He smelled so refreshing, like the pedals of a flower. With his traditional lifestyle, you never questioned his delicate scent. In fact, you enjoyed it deeply. It was like breathing clean air when you inhaled deeply.
“I’m afra
:iconshoutingfir380:ShoutingFir380 127 5
make em' jealous. | bakugou x reader
"what the fuck is this?!"
you shoved katsuki's phone in his face, the screen revealing lewd messages a girl sent to him. he gaped at you, then growled and snatched his phone back. "why the fuck did you have my phone?!" he snarled. your eyebrows furrowed more. "i, actually, was minding my own fucking business when your phone screen lit up and some girl messaged you 'baby? where are you?' what the fuck am i supposed to do?! leave that alone?! i'm your fucking girlfriend!" you yelled. "does it look like i was messaging her back?! you're so fucking quick to jump to conclusions! if your assuming ass payed any attention, i hadn't messaged her back at all! it's just some slut wanting to get into my pants!" he yelled back louder.
"don't give me that shit!" you yelled back, equally as loud. "there are obviously messages of her replying to stuff you've said, but you deleted your messages! do i look fucking dumb?! and look at the contact name! deku?! like midoriya would betray me li
:icondemoticdreams:demoticdreams 251 24
Daddy! Loki x Mommy! Reader |Iceworks|
“Mommy! Mommyyyyy!!” Astor leapt onto you without a second thought, no regard for the four-month-old teetering in your arms. You jerked backwards in an attempt to keep your balance for the sake of Elias.
“Yes, sweetheart?” You managed, catching the little boy with your free arm and successfully maintaining both your Mommy’s Boys without a hint of failure. You were the Super Mom, after all. Not to mention the wife of an infamous demi-god. Surely you could handle a pair of kids.
“Daddy said we were gonna go see the fireworks tonight. S’that true??” He asked in an almost interrogative voice that made you quirk an eyebrow. “Because he said you said we were gonna go! And you promised too, and that you never ever break your promises no matter what anybody says and-”
“-Okay, slow down big guy.” You laughed softly, pecking his forehead before setting him down and retrieving Elias’s bottle from the pot on the stove. &
:iconyarikoi:yarikoi 200 73
Weakness (Loki x Reader)
A/N: I found this somewhere in my quotev account, and decided to post it here because... why not? This is one of the first things I ever wrote, and I hope you enjoy it. Fluff, I guess? Just let me know what you think ^-^!
Loki glared daggers at your back as you prepared that day's breakfast.
He was silently observing every single move you made. You didn’t even have the decency to notice that he was there. If he wanted, with just one movement, one single movement, he could end your life, and you would’ve never noticed, because you were a simple and mere human that found herself in the horrible task of cooking.
And on top of that…
Pancakes. You were making pancakes.
And he hated them. He hated them with all of his 'Not-of-this-world' being. Why did you have to cook that overly disgusting food?
However, the God of Mischief had to admit that the pancakes were not the reason of his glares and continued hatred towards your p
:iconanniedmc:AnnieDMC 50 9
ES: Find Yourself 260 by EStories ES: Find Yourself 260 :iconestories:EStories 449 65
TMNT (2003) kick some shell in Death Battle
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

Names (From Left to right): Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo
AKA: Leo, Raph, Donny, and Mikey

First Appearance: TMNT 2003 Season 1 Episode 1: Things Change (February 8th 2003)

Ages: 15 (each)

Height: 5'2 (each)
Theme Song:
- Have defeated numerous thugs, ninjas, robots, monsters, aliens, and the Shredder on multiple occasions
- Rescued April O' Neil from Baxter Stockman and his mousers
- Have saved all of New York City and even the world itself from all kinds of threats
- Have traveled through space and defeated and even escaped, thwarted, and even helped bring down the Triceriton empire
- Rescued people who had been turned into mindless monsters and stuck in an underground city,  eventually returning to cure them and restore their humanity
- Have fought against warriors from the multiverse in
:icondoctormoodb:DoctorMooDB 44 25
Aqualad x Reader Trapped In Your Hold
Sometimes one couldn't help but wonder how these sort of things happen in the first place.
"Your foot is in my face."
"Well sorry. I can't exactly move - but maybe if I just shift a little-"
"Please do-"
"It'll be fine!" (Y/N) reassured the reluctant atlantean as she struggled to move in the net they had been captured in. Leave it to her clumsy feet to stumble over a trap and bring Kaldur with her. Now she just needed on of their teammates to come across them and let them down - seeing as they couldn't manage to get a hold of them. Of course. When they actually need help their communication dies out. Great. 
After twisting, shifting, and turning (Y/N) finally found herself comfortable until she had come to the realization that her face was scarily close to Kaldur's own. Their noses were practically touching with how close they were, and (Y/N) wonders if perhaps this position was more awkward than the one they were in before. 
"I believe this is worse than
:iconmarilsan:marilsan 138 16
Kisses (Loki x reader)
Loki hated you. Well, more precisely he hated how much you made him love you. Ever since Fury and Thor had decided his sentence should be carried out on Earth, he had lived at the Avengers’ tower, under their watchful eyes. He had also met you at this time. You were an unofficial Avenger, still in training, but they wanted to increase their ranks and you signed on first as a trial run. Consequently, the Avengers, Loki, and you lived at the tower, although you had been living at the tower for some time before Loki came to live there. It wasn’t too bad except for the staring… The Avengers would watch him suspiciously and even once they started to act more relaxed around him, he could tell he was still being watched, suspected.
You were always different, however. From the first time you met him, you were all smiles and laughter. He fondly remembered how at first meeting you, you spun around at his approach and bounded over to greet him. Admittedly, Loki was a little take
:iconsassy-as-spice:sassy-as-spice 140 25
Lost Lover (Sesshomaru X Reader) Part Thirteen
Sesshomaru p.o.v.
  I felt my body go numb for a second. Nothing mattered but (Y/N) falling to the ground. Her blood surrounded her and she looked like she was trying to pull air into her lungs. I felt rage filter into my body and I turned to look at Kagura. She still had her hand out, and she had a sadistic smirk on her face.
  I felt my eyes start to change color and my body grow. I swiftly shifted into my dog form and attacked Kagura. The rational part of my mind way screaming at me to rush to (Y/N)'s side and revive her. But a bigger part of me was pushing that urge to the side and demanding that I kill Kagura. I was no longer in control of my body.
  Kagura dodged my strikes and tried to fly up higher. But with a speed only known to dog demons, I snapped my jaws closed around one of her legs. She started to wince as my the acid in my saliva started to wear away her flesh. I swung my head around and let her fly down towards Inuyasha.
  She slammed into the groun
:iconcelsteial-haven:Celsteial-Haven 185 37
Silent Rose P.1 (Sesshomaru X Reader)
Spring....the season where things start over. The once dead plants are coming back to life, the animals are coming out, and people celebrate the end of winter. To you though, it meant another years had past since you met him. The person who made you feel the way you do about demons. The sun was barely in the sky, and the villagers were outside working while the children played happily. You were sitting on the roof of your home, watching over the villagers and keeping an eye out for demons. The village you were currently at was close to the base of Mount Hakurei, which meant the village was constantly under attack. With you being a priestess, you moved around a lot. You've seen your share of demons in your life time, you've also seen your share of innocent people slaughtered either for sport, food, or just part of a war.
    "Priestess ____, good morning!"
You looked down and saw the old woman who upgraded and improved your bow and arrows.
"Good morning Naeda. You slept well I
:iconcimberla:cimberla 277 44
Save Me... Chapter 4
"   " means talking
'     '   means thinking
Hey guys I don't know if you know it yet but Eri, Ayumi, and Yuka are actually Kagome's friends in the Anime/Manga. I decided to put you in that little click, for humor sake haha! Just thought I should let you know because I don't want you guys to just be like who the heck are those people anyway. Anyway on with the story!

                             ~~~~~~~~~~~ YOUR POV ~~~~~~~~~~~

‘Ugh will this class ever end?’ I rest my head on my desk and shield myself from the light in the classroom.
It’s been one month and two weeks since I
:iconcutiepie247:cutiepie247 51 19
A Silver Tongue And a Heart of Gold (lokixreader)
Chapter 19: A Solution
After her encounter with Loki the other night, (y/n) decided to go talk to the others about possibly saving the city and Loki so there would be less conflict. She headed down the hall of the Avengers tower to their meeting room. If she was lucky she could catch them there, but if not she would have to see them each individually. She opened the door to the room, And stepped in to see Clint and Natasha talking to one another about a seperate mission they would have to work in the future. Nat quickly looked over to her and sat up a bit more in her chair, "Hey, everything ok?" She asked and  (y/n) nodded. "I'm fine-" "You have something on your mind," Nat answered quickly. "And you should be a mind reader," (y/n) replied.
Clint tapped his hand on an empty chair a few times to encourage her to sit down. "Come on. Talk to us," he said and she walked over to sit down. Once she was comfortably sitting down with her le
:icontorako16:Torako16 7 2
Never-ending Punishment? (Loki x Avengers) (1)
Looking up from his book when he heard guards approach, Loki was surprised when they stopped at his cell, lowering the barrier and placing the all too familiar shackles on his arms. Loki was then escorted to the throne room, where Odin sat with Director Fury and Thor on his right side, prompting his curiosity. He was left in the middle of the room when the guards were waved away, and Odin frowned as he gazed upon his adopted son with disappointment.
" know me to be a righteous man, and a righteous man would have you executed for what you have done to Asgard and Midgard. But...your mother was of a different thought, and even in death I will always listen to what she has told me. So, I have come to a decision not to end your life. Instead, you will go to Midgard, and live with the very team you sought to destroy. Perhaps their ways will influence your own, and one day I shall welcome you back with open arms. But until that day has come, you will not be allowed to return to Asga
:icontransformersg1fan271:TransformersG1fan271 54 2
Loki x Reader: Sleeping Beauty
:bulletgreen: Loki x Reader: Sleeping Beauty :bulletgreen: 
Your breathing was heavy as you crouched behind a giant pillar in the underground facility. You'd just fought upwards of fifteen guards (all of which had guns) and had taken a beating by the last chump. 
Since when do they have the hired help learn special techniques, you wondered in annoyance as you placed a somewhat shaky hand to your rib cage. During the excitement, you'd definitely cracked something- but you pushed past the beginnings of pain and continued to move forward. You had an objective, and you wouldn't be leaving this hole in the ground until you had succeeded.
Peeking around the column where you were currently hiding, you found that the coast was clear. And stalking forward on the balls of your feet, you moved towards the door at the far end of the chamber.
As you crept across the expanse, you made sure to be as silent as possible- though as the sounds from outside
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 595 137



Artist | Hobbyist
United States

I'm Kisami (Not Real Name) ^_^ :tmnt1:
(( Note to every one that come to my Gallery most of the pics are old )). Sorry i haven't been able to draw in a really long time and so i haven't been able to put up newer art works all that much!! An i'm sorry for all those that like colored art works i mostly do black and white works!! I'm trying to do more in color but i fall into the old habbite of black and white!! :tmnt1:

Well i just found a new program so i'm trying to color some of my old works i hope ya'll like them when i can get them posted!!



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