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Naruto OC (Art By Hanachiyuki) (Needs a name) by Kisame-Abumi Naruto OC (Art By Hanachiyuki) (Needs a name) :iconkisame-abumi:Kisame-Abumi 13 0 Folksy (art by aenid31) by Kisame-Abumi Folksy (art by aenid31) :iconkisame-abumi:Kisame-Abumi 30 3 Kuri Yoshikuni (Drawn by aenid31) by Kisame-Abumi Kuri Yoshikuni (Drawn by aenid31) :iconkisame-abumi:Kisame-Abumi 28 2 Sayako Naegi (Made by KiiroKitsune99) by Kisame-Abumi Sayako Naegi (Made by KiiroKitsune99) :iconkisame-abumi:Kisame-Abumi 26 0 Skylar Blanchard (Art by MamaMocha) by Kisame-Abumi Skylar Blanchard (Art by MamaMocha) :iconkisame-abumi:Kisame-Abumi 17 2 Annalee Page by Kisame-Abumi Annalee Page :iconkisame-abumi:Kisame-Abumi 37 6 Miya Kaufman by Kisame-Abumi Miya Kaufman :iconkisame-abumi:Kisame-Abumi 17 0 Ryn May by Kisame-Abumi Ryn May :iconkisame-abumi:Kisame-Abumi 38 13 Lyric and her team by Kisame-Abumi Lyric and her team :iconkisame-abumi:Kisame-Abumi 52 13 Lyric by Kisame-Abumi Lyric :iconkisame-abumi:Kisame-Abumi 40 10 Kishu Inuzuka by Kisame-Abumi Kishu Inuzuka :iconkisame-abumi:Kisame-Abumi 25 7 Chiyuri Borrows Stuff without Asking by Kisame-Abumi Chiyuri Borrows Stuff without Asking :iconkisame-abumi:Kisame-Abumi 21 3 Samantha 'Sam' Monroe by Kisame-Abumi Samantha 'Sam' Monroe :iconkisame-abumi:Kisame-Abumi 14 2 Nion (Red Gi) by Kisame-Abumi Nion (Red Gi) :iconkisame-abumi:Kisame-Abumi 11 0 Nion by Kisame-Abumi Nion :iconkisame-abumi:Kisame-Abumi 7 0 Chiyuri Tsuji by Kisame-Abumi Chiyuri Tsuji :iconkisame-abumi:Kisame-Abumi 31 0


Beach Dating 'True Love' by MiyaToriaka Beach Dating 'True Love' :iconmiyatoriaka:MiyaToriaka 1,529 874 Drawing of Ichigo Kurosaki from anime Bleach by AlexKingART Drawing of Ichigo Kurosaki from anime Bleach :iconalexkingart:AlexKingART 23 0 Golden Armor by Haco1 Golden Armor :iconhaco1:Haco1 138 4 Knight by Haco1 Knight :iconhaco1:Haco1 133 3 Barbarian by Haco1 Barbarian :iconhaco1:Haco1 450 16 Barbarian Link by Laovaan Barbarian Link :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 1,964 51 Art Trade- Annie by Amethyst-Ocean Art Trade- Annie :iconamethyst-ocean:Amethyst-Ocean 525 31 Paulina-Gif by Amethyst-Ocean Paulina-Gif :iconamethyst-ocean:Amethyst-Ocean 453 24 Tres Hogwarts Boys (feat. Ango) by ktshy Tres Hogwarts Boys (feat. Ango) :iconktshy:ktshy 610 17 [Req] Terrantula by TheBlackBallade [Req] Terrantula :icontheblackballade:TheBlackBallade 5 2 Sop Mod II Mod 3 by X-kulon Sop Mod II Mod 3 :iconx-kulon:X-kulon 91 3 Amara Neve by X-kulon Amara Neve :iconx-kulon:X-kulon 280 2 Christmas brigitte by logancure Christmas brigitte :iconlogancure:logancure 2,588 56 [Req] Tarantube by TheBlackBallade [Req] Tarantube :icontheblackballade:TheBlackBallade 5 0 [Req] Gremuerder by TheBlackBallade [Req] Gremuerder :icontheblackballade:TheBlackBallade 5 0 [Req] Gremini by TheBlackBallade [Req] Gremini :icontheblackballade:TheBlackBallade 7 0


Kisame-Abumi has started a donation pool!
1,482 / 10,000,000
I'm hoping to get to become a Core Member as well as help others, ask for point style commissions, and adopt OC's, and any amount of Points will help. Also for any adoptables I make using character makers on dA or somewhere else or in an adoptable partnership.

Each point given will get you a fave. At least 50 points will get you a journal feature.

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Points for Favorites
I'm offering favorites for points with each one point is one favorite. This offers a journal feature
Points for Favorites
I'm offering favorites for points with each one point is one favorite.


Kisame-Abumi's Profile Picture
United States
Hey everyone, I'm 27 but still kind of a kid at heart. Still watch cartoons, but watch other stuff as well. So feel free to look but no touch. Born in November.


Any Fire Emblem fan excited to get Fire Emblem Three Houses?
I would like to make a request of a female who has freckled and fair skin, chin length black and red hair in a spiky crop, dark blue eye color, and has a curvy and fairly muscular frame and wears a long sleeve white shirt with dark gray sleeves, dark blue jeans, a black and red flannel shirt tied around her waist, and brown boots as well as a separate image of her wearing a pair of knee length black sports shorts with a red stripe down both sides on both sides going down the sides, a red and black sports bra, and sports tape on her hands and feet.

I am also willing to pay 30 points if anyone is interested in drawing this character, which is all the points I have on hand at the moment.
Check this artist out: Lauren-3-Elizabeth
I'm looking for open requests for a male named Blake who has light blonde hair with black tips, fair skin, and green eyes who is muscular but not overly muscular. If anyone does draw him, could you draw him looking scary to some degree with in everyday clothing and a red scarf around his neck?
Naruto OC (Art By Hanachiyuki) (Needs a name)
Art by HanachiYuki

I got this OC on April 18 of last year as a request from HanachiYuki before she stopped doing requests but I never actually thought of a name for this OC as of yet, so if you have a name for her feel free to offer a name and I will at least consider the name.

I do recommend commissioning HanachiYuki if you want a Naruto OC drawn.
I am looking for open Naruto requests at the moment for the four following Naruto OC's I have adopted as well as some Naruto OC's that I do not have images for yet but I have adopted clothes for as well, though I am not going to put the clothes in this thread. If anyone is interested in drawing the OC's, feel free to do so.

Kyoumi Noguchi by Kisame-Abumi

Kagami Matsushita by Kisame-Abumi

Snow Ninja by Kisame-Abumi (Doesn't have a name yet but will have one involving ice and snow)
Ruriko Uzumaki by Kisame-Abumi

I don't have a lot of points or money to pay for a commission right now and if anyone willing to draw the OC's I do have clothes for but no references, I'd rather go through the details by note than by comment just to keep the comments relativity clear.

Also, is anyone doing mermaid requests as well?
Folksy (art by aenid31)
Art byaenid31

Character belongs to me.

You know, I always have all of my female OC's being a mother/older sister figure as well as some of them being perverts in some way as more or less a basic personality and I am not sure if I give this OC the same basic personality or a different one altogether. Also, I have no idea what name to give her at all. What I do know is she loves playing her guitar at any time of the day.

If anyone wants to give her a name and a personality, I will at the very least consider both and update this with whatever you come up with that I happen to like.
Magna by Kisame-Abumi

Could anyone who has played Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet draw my character from the demo for around 40 points with the basic information?

Body 5 (everything stayed the same but the chest that has been maxed out)

Face 15

Hairstyle 27 (main color is the seventeenth selection of the fourth row and the highlights is the ninth selection of he first row)

Eyebrows 23

Decal 29

Voice 8

Her left eye is light green and her right eye is light red and her eye shape is the same as Suguha aka Leafa. I also changed her outfit to the Sharp Striker F.

This is not the full commission, I would like to ask for a real life version of Magna (the name I have given to my character for more or less as the in-game name for my character) as well as an actual name for her. For the real life version of Magna, I'd like for her appearance to remain the same minus the highlights.
I have gotten the demo for Sword Art Online Fatale Bullet, which is the only game I am aware that has Kirito as a secondary character to the character players make. I have not done anything to the body itself other than maxing out the chest.
I'm willing to pay 20-30 points for someone to draw a guy about high school age with fair skin, chin length black hair with a hair antennae, and dark gray eyes, and wears a long sleeved white shirt, a black hoodie with dark blue sleeves, dark green googles, a pair of dark gray pants, and white shows with an Agumon standing next to him and a unique designed Digivice only for him and a variation of him wearing a Japanese school uniform of whoever does draw him along with the silhouette of VictoryGreymon behind the two with the guy wearing his normal clothing.
Check out the gallery of this artist: Alice-D-Bunny
Kuri Yoshikuni (Drawn by aenid31)
Art by aenid31.

Kuri is the leading male hero of a story I have started working on called Learning to be a Hero. The title is not going to be the final name for the story, just a work in progress.

Kuri is born to a British mother and a Japanese father, which he has his mother's light blond hair. light blue eyes, and fair skin along with the fusion of both of his parents' eye shape, though taking more so after his father's. Kuri also happens to be the hero of a story I am working on called Learning to be a Hero where he finds himself in a world where everything we know as fantasy lives and breathes where legends say a hero from a different world will save it from being devoured, both literally and figuratively.
I would like to request a few different requests down below for early 2019 if anyone is interested in doing so:

1. A High School of the Dead female who has a curvy frame with fair skin, body length light blonde hair with her bangs swept to the left, wears a sleeveless white shirt, a red leather jacket, black leather pants, and leather boots, and holding a baseball bat with a chain wrapped around the top of the baseball bat in her left hand, as well as having the measurements of having an I-cup bust.

2. A female Naruto OC wearing the following outfit: Adoptable Set  6 Lowered Prices By Gaarasninjagirl by Kisame-Abumi

3, Miya Kaufman Miya Kaufman by Kisame-Abumi fighting some infected humans. Note: Miya has a reddish brown tint to her skin.

4. Entire Team Outsiders.

5. These two: Kyoumi Noguchi by Kisame-Abumi Kagami Matsushita by Kisame-Abumi

6. Serenity  Serenity by Kisame-Abumi with a Delphox, a Slowbro, and a shiny Goomy.

7. A female Naruto OC with chin length red hair and blue-purple eyes wearing the following outfit: Outfit by Kisame-Abumi (click to see full image)
I'd like to wish a Merry Christmas or Happy {insert other holiday} to everyone!
I am currently looking for requests and commissions of around 10-20 points involving humans, Digimon, Pokemon, Resident Evil, Zelda, Naruto, Fire Emblem, and mecha. Some of the requests/commissions I have does not have a reference at all and generally need to be made. I do have the points in my Earnings that will be taken out on the 28th. I can only pay a max of 4 10 point commissions once I do pull the points out when I can get them. I'm going to put some of the characters I would like done, both description based (which isn't going to be all that great) and images.

The first one is a British/Japanese guy named Kuri Yoshikuni who has chin length light blond hair, light blue eyes, fair skin, and wears a set of armor based on the Faraam Set (which I go have an image of the entire set if anyone wants to draw him) holding an axe similar in appearance to the one in this image:  477 Max by Kisame-Abumi

Five women around his age of various fantasy races including an Amazon, a guy serving as the best friend to Kuri, an older woman who looks why older than what she appears to be, and a middle aged male who serves as a mentor to Kuri in using a sword and bow.

A female Naruto character with short red hair, blue-purple eyes, and wears this clothing: Outfit by Kisame-Abumi (click to see the entire set of clothing)

Kiyumi Koga Kiyumi Koga by Kisame-Abumi

Ruriko Uzumaki Ruriko Uzumaki by Kisame-Abumi

Arisa Seta Arisa Seta by Kisame-Abumi

A Caucasian/Korean guy named Blake Hyo who has two different natural hair colors and his hair is slightly messy. Both his hair and eye colors will be up to whoever does draw him. He pilots a mecha that can transform into a lion and has at least five different armor sets with associating weapons designed for heavy defense, heavy artillery, speed & agility, close range, and balance.

A female who has the same body type and body size as Super Sonico as she appears in SoniAni: The Animation with a different hair color being light blue and the hair reaches her ankles and wears three different outfits: her normal outfit consists of a black camo long sleeve shirt, a bright yellow camo sleeveless hooded jean jacket with square pockets on the breast part of the jacket, dark blue denim shorts, and sandals, her beach outfit is a modest two piece white bikini jacket that most of her breasts are covered with a deep cleavage, and a winter outfit where she wears a sleeved version of her normal jacket with cotton lining the inside of the hood and torso part, dark denim pants, a white camo shirt, and heeled boots.

I'm also looking for people who can help me brainstorm several stories, including a Fallout story in which takes place in the East Central Commonwealth in general where the main character -titled The Prisoner- gets released from a New California Republic controlled prison after an attack from raiders and a couple of Protectrons and Assultrons though the Protectrons and Assultrons being rare, but will give The Prisoner some trouble without help if fought alone though The Prisoner will be with a small group throughout the story.
Skylar Blanchard (Art by MamaMocha) by Kisame-Abumi

Could anyone be willing to draw Skylar Blanchard holding a Classic 10mm Pistol from the Fallout 4 Creation Club's Tunnel Snakes Rule! with the long ported barrel, suppressor, extended mag, and recon scope or a lever action rifle from Far Harbor modded to have the long ported barrel, marksman's stock, long night vision scope, and suppressor?
Check this Artist out!: LukasDeAudi
Far Cry 5 Character
I've had Far Cry 5 since it came out through pre-order. Haven't had much time playing it though and if anyone has any tips to make the game easier for a newbie to the series, let me know.
I have a tiny bit of experience with Far Cry 5 on PS4 and am wondering if anyone can give me any tips and tricks on how to actually play the game properly as a generalist type of player with a bit of favoritism towards health and combat.



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