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mirror mirror
what do you see
when you look at me?
not just see, tho
every sense of the word
what do you actually see?
my flaws
my traits
my quirks
my sparks
what makes me who I am
in your eyes
what makes me real
to you
I don't want to hear the good things
nothing but "positive reinforcement"
I want to hear the truth
I want to hear your mind speak for yourself
I know I'm not perfect
I don't claim to be
if you think I did, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to
so go ahead,
tell me,
show me what you see through your eyes
paint me a picture of the person you see
in me
:iconkisala:Kisala 7 1
people's always 'fraid of what's diff'rent
how do you remember me?
the way I remember you?
do you remember my eyes, or my smile?
do you remember my laugh?
do you remember me how I was?
or do you think of me how I am now
me, a different me than you knew.
do you regret no longer knowing me like you once did?
are you sorry to not have seen the changes -
to be part of them -
to have changed with me?
I know you've changed, I can look back and see how much you have
but do you think about it
the way I do?
do you think about me, and how I was, and wish we didn't have to change?
will you accept the changed me?
will you allow me back in, even though I'm not what I was before?
or will you observe me, pry at me?
and when you realize I'm different,
will you shun me?
will you watch me from afar and keep me at arm's length?
it worries me, thinking what you'll do
that moment we see each other again
:iconkisala:Kisala 1 0
I thought of you today;
thought of you, and smiled.
I wish you were here with me
or I with you
it's getting hard to remember your face on my own
I have to concentrate, close my eyes, breathe, and think
it's not a good thing, never a good thing
I can remember the things I remember best -
your eyes
your smile
your laugh
it's like a dream, something that is starting to feel less and less real
it's beginning to fade
and I'm scared
you said we would stay here
you wouldn't leave me unless I asked
but you are leaving me
you are, and it's not even your fault
I'm scared, love
it's so easy for me to forget, even when I try not to
it's so easy for things to fade and dim
and I don't know how to stop it.
I don't want to forget.
I want to remember.
I want to remember, because you said we didn't have to start over
I want to remember, because they are the glimmers in the dark
I want to remember, but I can't
and now I'm scared you won't remember me.
:iconkisala:Kisala 1 0
we can start over.
almost over.
you know me, and I know you.
we have our memories, and our secrets.
but this is a new day, and a new era.
and we can make it whatever we want.
will you stay with me here?
will you watch the dawn of this new thing with me?
I hope you will
you're part of it, after all,
part of the lifeblood and the heartbeat and the very essence of its soul
oh won't you stand here at my side
and watch this thing come to be?
we can make it whatever we want
it will be magnificent, you'll see
but only if you stay here and watch it with me
:iconkisala:Kisala 1 3
so now you know the truth
the reason behind my tears and sighs
it hurts to be here in this place
but if I had the chance, I'd stay again
don't send me away
don't tell me there's nothing for me here
I could survive everything else
that would surely kill me
can you just let me love you?
I promise I won't ask anymore of you
just let me love you
let me stay here
that's not too much to ask, is it?
I'll keep my dreams to myself
you won't have to entertain my thoughts
just let me stay, please?
I know it will hurt
I know my heart will break over and over
the pieces getting smaller
harder to pick up
almost impossible to put together
but I'll do it
can I love you?
will you let me?
:iconkisala:Kisala 1 0
caoin anam an
I'm sorry I'm so alone.
I'm sorry I'm so isolated here.
I try not to be, I try so hard.
But in the end, silence comes slinking back,
reminding me that I am on my own.
You found me once,
cocooned in solitude this way.
What did you find there?
A furiously aching heart,
fighting to find that next beat.
Tears ring my lashes,
chilled by night breezes
that serve only to remind me
of your breath
and your smell
and how I miss you so.
The poet in my heart cries out,
someone, please hear me
someone, please hear my heart
and hold it close.
Don't let it break anymore.
Don't let it hurt when it shouldn't.
I can't control the movements of my soul,
what it wishes, what it desires.
All I can do is struggle to hold on
and to ride it out.
All I can do is hope one day
my heart will not have hurt for nothing.
:iconkisala:Kisala 2 1
colourography by Kisala colourography :iconkisala:Kisala 0 0
Winds Cry
Crack! A smattering of laughter and applause broke out as the girl grinned over her fallen opponent, before reaching out a hand and helping him back to his feet. Her black eyes shone, the star in their depths almost brighter than the sun. Again she took her place as another stepped forth to challenge her. The star increased intensity until white light was the iris in the black. She moved to the attack.
"Lady Jayl!" the staff flew out of the girls hand as she was caught off-guard and turned to see who called her name. The messenger raced towards her, and gave a respectful bow.
"My lady, the diplomatic party from Aclavai has arrived. His Lordship request you be present, should you be required to attend them." A nod of understanding, and the page whispered away. She turned back to the man crouched before her.
The sound was merely a whisper, a breath born on the wind's back. It echoed silently down the halls and passages of the immense palace. Whispering its w
:iconkisala:Kisala 0 0
Pryllian by Kisala Pryllian :iconkisala:Kisala 1 0 The Orb by Kisala The Orb :iconkisala:Kisala 1 0 The Way Through by Kisala The Way Through :iconkisala:Kisala 1 0 'Qyn Vale' by Kisala 'Qyn Vale' :iconkisala:Kisala 1 0
Mature content
Dark of the Winter Nights :iconkisala:Kisala 2 3
You're young, strong, pretty -
you twirl and smile and dance
around the circles of life,
from one thing to the next
A bump in the road, you don't care.
You ignore it in favor of the life you love.
But then, then something goes wrong
and you don't know what to do.
Your perfect world!
"This wasn't supposed to happen!"
Welcome to life, princess.
Your court of friends, admirers -
you feel crushed as they turn their backs one by one.
Words fall silent, connections break like ribbon.
What can you do but fight for the life you've earned?
Then one day you realize …
gone, it's all gone – the lights have fallen dark,
there is no light, no joy, no hope
in this world that has surrounded you.
You don't know what to do.
You want your life the way you planned!
You cry, scream, try to rebuild from the darkness
the light you thought once was.
Your eyes grow used to the darkness,
you accustom to the weight of the gloom.
You see them there, the court you once controlled,
all backs turned, all f
:iconkisala:Kisala 2 0
Don't I Know It
I know it's hard
to keep your head up high
when it seems the world
will do anything
to make you fall to your knees
Sometimes we just need to give in
to the pity and misery - just a little bit –
in order to see how good life truly is.
You do whatever you think best
but I know what I know,
and I've seen the impossible become reality.
Where fair wind and foul weather blow ye,
Fear not, for I sail on.
On, onwards , ever onwards towards the horizon,
where sun's first light and star's last breath
mingle and mix, and create the mists
which hides all that enters,
even the ends of the world.
:iconkisala:Kisala 2 2
a dream is a wish
Stars twinkle and wink,
far ahead and above in the black.
He looks up, thinking back to a time
when someone's eyes beat the stars,
and the life he saw there was brighter,
and he wished he knew how it was so.
A voice fills his ears and he turns.
There she is, the life still in her eyes,
shimmering as she smiles, running to him.
A quick hug, his surprised face, and she laughs.
"It's been years," she says with a gentle smile.
He nods, and a smile brushes his lips as he watches her.
Her, looking at him with a teasing smile, bright eyes.
Why didn't he ever see? Couldn't ever see?
Her smile, so bright and true.
Her laughter, with all its changing tones.
Her eyes, mysterious black and brown and sweet.
Her, her self, who she is in this world.
His thoughts are broken at her touch
as her fingers slid off his shoulder, a final farewell.
She waves as she runs to catch up,
wrapping her arm around the other young man again.
Eyes closed, mouth smiling and laughing,
and he watches them walk away,
:iconkisala:Kisala 2 3


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