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MakaxSoul Fanfic First Date
Maka checked her cellphone: 6:05.
"Five minutes late," Maka wisphered to herself. She occupied herself with her quaint surroundings. The street was filled with only a few passerbys. She looked into the restuarant she was waiting outside of. Many people were seating in their seats, eating mouth-watering food. "Wait is that..." She thought she saw a familiar face when --
"Hey," his voice came. "Hope you weren't waiting too long."
She forced herself to smile. She hoped it didn't look forced. "Don't worry about it."
"Shall we go in?"
Maka nodded. Swiftly, her date clasped their hands as they headed into the resturant. She tried to hold back her rosy cheeks but she was sure it was too late.
Why am i so nervous? Snape out of it Maka!
"We have a reservation," Soul told the waiter. "For Evans," he said.
"Right this way sir," the waiter said and they followed him to thier table, two seats next to a big window outlooking the city. The waiter left once they were situatated and  M
:iconcturcz1234:cturcz1234 324 160
I used to hate Cicero by Nuku-Niku I used to hate Cicero :iconnuku-niku:Nuku-Niku 1,391 507 Admit It by Kinky-Harada Admit It :iconkinky-harada:Kinky-Harada 11 82 A New Experience by Kinky-Harada A New Experience :iconkinky-harada:Kinky-Harada 7 10 KH - Splash Mountain by rasenth KH - Splash Mountain :iconrasenth:rasenth 1,791 287
The X-blade Wielder Chapter 41
Warning- foul language is ahead.
The former Nobody grinned at her snarl as he rested one of his two guns on his shoulder and the other by his hip.  "Heh, Ms. Know-It-All truly lives up to her title," he remarked.
Surprising everyone, Heavyn burst out into laughter at that.
"Uh, Heavyn… you okay?" asked a very confused Sora.  Next to him, Riku and Kairi only stared incredulously at their seemingly crazy friend.
When her laughter subsided, Heavyn finally replied, "I'm fine, Sora.  I just didn't think that Braig would be such an epic fail at coming up with a nickname for me!"
Braig's lone eye twitched as he commented, "Me?  An epic fail?  As if!"
Smoothly ignoring Braig, Heavyn continued, "I mean, he had a great nickname for Axel, so I figured that he'd at least come up with a decent nickname for me based on what Losernort probably told him.  But Ms. Know-It-All?  A five-ye
:iconcmsully:cmsully 61 36
Unfinished SoulxMaka Fan Fics
A/N; are 4 soulmaka fan fictions you guys might like xP I have no intention of finishing them, so i thought it'd be a waste to just throw my notes away. Enjoy! ^^
Soul lay his head on the hard wooden desk as he put his hands to his light hair and adjusted his headband. He and Maka were the earliest there, waiting for students and their teacher to arrive. Soul turned his head toward the female whose eyes were placed in her book. He peered at the title, 'Falling For You'. He already considered it a romance novel, obviously, and he found no interest in it whatsoever. He turned his attention to the girl with soft thin pigtails. His partner. His meister. His love. How he desired her lime green eyes when they looked happily at his. How he liked her reaction whenever he teased her. He couldn't ask for a better partner. She was perfect to him. Though, he always lied when the problem came. They'd say, 'Do you like her?', 'Is she more than just a partner?', and 'you better n
:iconscreamxstrawberries:ScreamxStrawberries 45 29
Death Note: Walk This Way by behindinfinity Death Note: Walk This Way :iconbehindinfinity:behindinfinity 26,307 2,860 RikuSora - Innocence by NanjoKoji RikuSora - Innocence :iconnanjokoji:NanjoKoji 2,354 345 A+R+S+R : Fun by NanjoKoji A+R+S+R : Fun :iconnanjokoji:NanjoKoji 1,650 209 Summon by jj-dreamworldz Summon :iconjj-dreamworldz:jj-dreamworldz 1,959 361 Death Note: Shinigami Ryuk by behindinfinity Death Note: Shinigami Ryuk :iconbehindinfinity:behindinfinity 2,013 368 Sora: Kingdom Buddies by VandorWolf Sora: Kingdom Buddies :iconvandorwolf:VandorWolf 1,829 450 RikuSora - Beautiful Boys by NanjoKoji RikuSora - Beautiful Boys :iconnanjokoji:NanjoKoji 1,358 114





KisaAoi's Profile Picture
United States
Name: Jessica
Original DA:

Birthday: May 12th
Current Location: Wonderland

I'm a flippin' cosmetologist!

Favorite Shows: Myth busters, FMA Brotherhood, Doctor Who, Kaleido Star, OHSHC, Face Off, Once Upon A Time

Favorite Games: Sims (any), Kingdom Hearts (any), Civilization (any), Harvest Moon, Oblivion, Skyrim, Morrowind,


Mostly do cosplay and makeup submissions. Don't really have the talent for drawing anymore.
So... Haven't really updated this in for freaking ever so uh...

 So, after this week, I'll be done with cosmetology school! ALL MY EXCITE!!!! I'll be able to take my state board exams and be a full-flegded cosmetologist! (hair stylist, in case you don't know :)  ) AND HAVE A JOB I ACTUALLY LIKE!! IF NOT LOVE!!!!

Which also means:

CONVENTIONS AND FRIENDS!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!! I'll have a more flexible schedual to work my life in around XD


So hopefully, I'll get that cosplay spark back, since it seems to have died a bit over this last year.... Con withdrawl will kinda do that, I suppose. The first convention on my list is MFF! YAY FURRIES! My girlfriend :iconkinky-harada: has gotten pretty popular with her suits. She's getting commissions! I'm really freaking proud of her, I knew she'd be great!

So, right now, I'm trying to think of new cosplay ideas. I want to cosplay from Howl's Moving Castle (Not sure whom, yet) and possibly Tangled (Mother Gothiel!!! XD ) plus a fall themed faun (Can you say digi-grade legs?! YUS!)

So, yeah. That's all, I suppose... for now! <3
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