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That's right, I've decided to give Gwangi an updated design, and here is his new description:

Gwangi now more closely resembles his Harryhausen counterpart:……
But he has a semi-anthro design, standing like a humanoid, with his arms being longer and ending in four claws on each hand. His head resembles a mix between a T-rex and an Allosaurus, with the T-rex's outwards appearance, but being more elongated like an Allosaurus'. His tail is the same as his movie version, and he no longer has the dorsal spines nor the tail quills. His eyes are a bright golden yellow with red veins being shown, and his scales are bluish-purple. He still has his Cutie Mark, which is Discord with Gwangi's head bearing a toothy grin and doing a thumbs up. Optionally, he can have the wings of a bat.

So yeah, that's my new Gwangi design. If you want to make a pic of this new description, I'd enjoy that. 
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